Having a low libido means being disinterested in sexual activity. This is a common problem that majorly affects those with an unhealthy lifestyle. But every time, your habits can’t be blamed. Certain health complications can also be the culprit behind a decreased interest in sex. Experiencing this sexual problem once in a while is normal however if it persists for a longer duration, you must consult a doctor as this can be a sign of any health problem you are suffering from. Here, we tell you about certain reasons that may be coming as a hindrance to your sex life. Also Read - Experiencing Low Libido? Strike These Yoga Poses


Depression has been scientifically proven to negatively impact your sex life. It can cause intimacy challenges including having a feeling of being sexually distant from your partner, issue in talking about sex, low self-esteem, etc. Its ramifications on bed can be highly distressing. Depression can make you feel low in energy and experience fatigue. This is what can keep you from indulging in sex. The level of cortisol hormone increases in the body during depression and that can lead to a low level of testosterone in the body. Also Read - Women Should Not Always Blame Menopause For Lack of Libido

Sedentary lifestyle

Not performing exercises and just sitting ideally almost all the time can make you susceptible to low libido. This is because not indulging in any activity negatively affects the production of sex hormones like testosterone in the body that makes you disinterested in sex which is usually considered pleasurable. Also Read - Suffering From Stress And Low Libido? Sandalwood Essential Oil May Help


Not consuming enough water or electrolytes can take a toll on your urge to get cozy with your partner. Dehydration has been found to cause problems like headaches, stress, etc., that can cause debilitating pain in the head and affect your libido. Also, in women, it can cause vaginal dryness that can make sex uncomfortable making you start fearing this pleasurable act.