Coronavirus pandemic has created panic amongst people. An uncertainty about future and ongoing lockdown have made the situation stressful for many. But, taking stress and being anxious won’t do any good and can only reduce your immunity and affect your health. This can be extremely worrisome especially in today’s time when having a strong immune system has become significant to fight against coronavirus. So, what can we do to keep stress at bay and improve immunity? Well, the answer lies in aromatherapy. There are certain oils that can help in this regard. Let’s know about them. Also Read - Coronavirus in Delhi: 800 People Came in Contact With Covid-19 Positive Doctor, Total Cases Now 36

Eucalyptus essential oil Also Read - Be Prepared, Coronavirus May Become Seasonal Infection: US Scientist

Considered good for your chest and respiratory health, eucalyptus essential oil enhances a feeling of relaxation by soothing nervous tension. Inhaling this oil can clear toxins from your body and help you fight against different infections effectively. This oil can also reduce mucus accumulation by reacting with mucus membranes and help you cough easily. To use eucalyptus essential oil, all you need to do is to take a few drops of this oil on your palm and smell it. You can also add the drops in warm water and inhale it. Also Read - 'Emotional Distress, Panic & Anxiety': What 21 Days of Nationwide Lockdown Would Bring

Rosemary essential oil

It can reduce nervous tension and decrease the level of stress hormone in the body. It supports respiratory functions and eliminates negativity as well. Rosemary essential oil can improve your memory too and increase your blood circulation by expanding your blood vessels.

Lavender essential oil

Obtained from the plant Lavandula angustifolia, lavender essential oil has sedative effects that help in keeping you calm and induce sleep, says a study published in the journal Physiology & Behavior. Its antifungal and anti-bacterial properties also help in keeping infections at bay. Lavender essential oil is beneficial in wounds too.