After being away from the film industry for a long time, actor Fardeen Khan stunned everyone with his dramatic physical transformation. The actor was spotted by the paparazzi outside casting director Mukesh’s Chabbra’s office and soon after his pictures went viral. People on social couldn’t stop praising Fardeen for his amazing weight loss. Also Read - Red Meat Can Cause Colon Cancer: All You Need to Know About High Fat Diet And Cancer

In an interview with ET Times, Fardeen opened up about his weight loss journey and revealed that he has lost 18 kgs in the span of six months. He said, “I wanted to physically feel 25. As you grow older, body degeneration catches up with you. I wanted to feel very, very good again. You need to think about it as a body-mind connection. I came across this in some reading I was doing. I started eating right and healthy coupled with correct workouts. I have lost 18 kg in the last six months, but 35 percent journey is yet to go in this aspect. In the work that we do in our industry, you are expected to look your best and you indeed want to look your best.” Also Read - Avoid These 5 Common Foods That Can Hamper Your Immunity

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In 2016 the actor was trolled on social media for his dramatic weight gain. He was a victim of body shaming and even called out people for making fun of his physique. He wrote, “Not ashamed, neither shamed. Not offended. Not depressed. Not blind either. Happy? Living the happiest chapter thus far. With lbs to show for it.” Fardeen had tweeted in 2016.

Fardeen is planning to make a comeback in films and is excited about it. Opening up on his plans to direct films, Fardeen told Times of India, “The plan to produce and direct films is very much on. But for now, I return to acting with full focus and energy. There are opportunities and I am testing the waters. What all comes my way and what I will take up, to start with, is still not finalised.”