Mumbai-born fashion designer Ruchira Amare is forging her own path with her unique clothing label, Y.R. Egon, which specializes in androgynous and sustainable design techniques.

Amare, a painter and poet, graduated with an engineering degree from the University of Mumbai. While completing the degree, her passion for working in fashion design led her to simultaneously pursue a part-time course at the National Institute of Fashion Technology in India, where her career in design took flight. She was accepted into the renowned Parsons School of Design in New York City.


Luckily, Amare didn’t face too many problems from her family when she announced her career goals.

“My parents were very supportive of me for my decision to select a different career path after completing engineering graduation,” she said. “I am fortunate to have such a family who never forced any of their opinions on me and are free thinkers.”

For Amare, engineering and fashion design aren’t so different.

“Engineering is also a design application in a scientific sense,” she stated. “I was good at drawing when I was young but it was merely a hobby. While in my third year of engineering, I realized my true calling and started taking steps in that route ever since.”

And take steps she did! Amare graduated with honors in fashion design and earned herself the chance to work with leading designers such as Donna Karan, Laura Smalls (designed for Michelle Obama) and educationist and designer, Francesca Sterlacci. Her work roster includes Elizabeth & James, J Gallery, and DKNY.

“When I first saw Donna Karen in the studio on my first day at work, it was surreal,” Amare confessed.

As a student at Parsons, Amare was able to explore techniques and better understand the creative process of designing clothing.

“Before Parsons, I always thought creative ideas are generated automatically but now I know it is a process which requires developing a concept based on a lot of research and use of your strengths to deliver the best and it is a sustainable process,” she explained.

In a lane of her own and with an extraordinary work ethic, Amare has a bright future ahead.


“I am a free thinker and I would really love to experiment with different media of expressing my creativity all my life,” she shared. “But for the near future, I want to establish my own brand.”

Her clothing line, Y.R Egon, focuses on androgynous, zero-waste sustainable design techniques. She works with an assortment of mediums such as leather, fur and exotic skins in addition to fabrics. She describes her style as romantic, gender-diluted and sustainable. Her inspirations include Manish Arora, whose vision she describes as “beautifully eccentric, and John Galliano.

When she’s not designing, painting, or writing Amare instructs an online course for the University of Fashion focused on Italian Tailoring Technique, Creative Construction, Leather Design, and Illustration Techniques.


Although she wears multiple hats as a creative professional, the young designer finds her bliss in her work.

“I try to do what I am passionate about,” she said. “I love to work, which gives me the most contentment and happiness.  Art is my first love and I see fashion as the application of that love. I have also realized that sometimes the processes are so intertwined that I don’t understand where art stops and fashion begins and vice versa.”