‘Love handles’ actually do not have anything to be loved. The accumulated fats around your waist can only make you look unattractive. This stubborn extra flab can be accentuated with the wrong outfit choice and you may have to experience embarrassment. Handles or muffing tops, whatever you call it, is a great problem for both men and women but ladies are quite particular about not showing them.Also Read - Fashion Tips: Here is How to Style Your Choker Necklace And Look Ethereal

To hide your spare tires, all you need to do is to have some dressing sense. Right clothes can prevent the love handles from drawing the attention of people. Here are certain styling tips that can be helpful in this regard. Also Read - COVID-19 Forces Milan And Paris Fashion Weeks to go Digital

Opt For Denim

Denim is perfect when it comes to hiding the bulges. You can go for a loose denim shirt or dress with pockets. This fabric is moderately thick and can perfectly cover your muffin tops. If not denim, you must pick a loose Kurti or top that is not translucent and do not have cuts in the sides. Also Read - Impact of COVID-19 on Fashion Industry: How Are Weavers And Tailors Surviving? Designer Duo Saaksha And Kinni Reveal All

Wear Dark Coloured Clothes

A dark outfit can make you look slimmer by smartly covering your love handles. Even if you wish to buy a tight-fitted clothe, you can always pick a dark one like black as it is the safest colour to opt for.

Don Dresses With Vertical Stripes And Detailed Designs

Vertical stripes create an illusion effect and make you look slimmer and taller. Whereas a dress with horizontal stripes can make you appear fatter and shorter too. As far as shirts with detailed designs are concerned, they distract everyone’s attention from your flab to the patterns.