Father’s Day is around the corner and people have already started the planning to celebrate one of the most important men in their lives. Father’s are guiding light for their children and they show them the right path. Dads play a significant role in the family and act as a protective barrier who can never let anything bad happen to you. Also Read - Father's Day 2020: How The Day Came About And Why it is Celebrated All Over The World

This Father’s Day, on June 21st, you must gift your dad something valuable and useful to him to thank him for his selfless love for you. We are more vocal when it comes to showing affection to our mothers but we always feel inhibited in expressing our emotions to dads. Let’s break that barrier this Father’s Day and let your father know how much he means to you. One of the best ways to do that is by gifting something important and writing an affectionate note. Here we share some amazing healthy gift ideas for your dad. Also Read - Father's Day 2020: Here Are Some Ideas on How You Can Make Your Father Feel Special

Workout Headphones

Exercising daily can become boring gradually and that may be the reason your dad lose motivation and stop going to the gym or for jogging. Music can help cut this boredom. So, what are you waiting for? Buy a good sweat-proof earphones or good pair of headphones. You can pick one that has features like integrated smart remotes, armbands etc. For buying a headphone, you don’t need to go out. You can find an array of such products online. Also Read - Know The Connection Between International Men's Health Week And Father's Day

Heart Rate Monitor

Men are quite prevalent to cardiovascular diseases. So, it would be the best idea to gift your dad, a heart rate monitor. It comes handy and can keep monitoring your father’s heart rate throughout the day especially while performing exercises. A heart rate monitor is the ideal gift for your dad if he is suffering from a heart condition. The device comes with various features that tell about number of calories burnt, breathing rate, speed and distance covered etc.

Fitness outfit

One of the best ways to motivate or give little push to your father to follow a fitness regime is by gifting him workout outfits including track pants, sweatshirt, shorts etc. You can also gift him sport shoes and fitness kits or gears like dumbbells, pull-up bars etc.