‘Berlin patient’ aka Timothy Ray Brown is popularly known as the first person to have been cured of deadly HIV infection. Sadly, he is now dying from leukemia, a type of blood cancer. He had developed this cancer 12 years ago but got the treatment and was living fine until last year when he got to know that cancer has reoccurred and has spread widely.Also Read - Vicky Donor Actor Bhupesh Kumar Pandya Passes Away After Battling Lung Cancer, Bollywood Mourns

Timothy Ray Brown still does not show any signs of HIV infection which he learned he had in the 1990s. Later, in 2006, he was diagnosed with leukemia. The man went through 2 bone marrow transplants to get rid of HIV and leukemia. Doctors used the cells of a donor with gene mutation, which provided him a natural resistance to the AIDS virus. Timothy Ray Brown went through the life-threatening procedure to be able to beat two deadly diseases. Doctors firstly destroyed his immune system and then transplanted the donor’s cells hoping they develop into a new defense system for him. Also Read - Breast Cancer Drug Shows Promise to Change Prostate Cancer Treatment

Since this treatment in March 2008, he repeatedly tested negative for HIV and had thought to be out of danger from leukemia too. But recently, his life turned upside down once again when he was diagnosed with leukemia again. This time, it has become terminal which means it cannot be cured and Timothy Ray Brown is likely to die owing to the disease. May God give him all the strength he needs during this tough time.