Is your baby fussy? Does she cry a lot and there is a change in her sleeping pattern? If yes, she is most probably teething. It is a big event in your baby’s life but can be equally uncomfortable for her. Teething is actually a process when the first tooth of your little bundle of joy starts erupting through the gums. It is medically referred as odontiasis. Also Read - Serena sorts out baby teething issues, hints at return

Ideal Teething Age 

The onset of teething usually starts between 4 and 10 months. However, in some babies, it can begin a bit later. Teething is characterised by signs including swollen and tender gums, a slight increase in body temperature, fussiness, gnawing, change in eating pattern, and persistent effort to chew on hard things. Also Read - Serena Williams Shares Daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr.'s Teething Troubles on Twitter, Fans Oblige With Advice

Teething can be variably painful for your child. Though it is not a severe condition and doesn’t require a pediatrician’s consultation, if your baby is experiencing nasal congestion and diarrhea, along with above-mentioned symptoms, you must call a doctor. Also Read - Williams `so stressed` as daughter Alexis suffers during teething

Teething Remedies 

If you wish to soothe your little one’s pain without professional help, here are a certain natural remedies that can work:

Teething Ring

A teething ring is suggested by almost everyone and works wonderfully. If you wish to enhance its effect, keep the ring in a fridge. The cool sensation can be calming enough for your baby. However, you must not keep the teething ring in freezer as frozen ring can be too cold for your baby and it can damage her gums.  You can also offer her a chilled plastic spoon or a cold and stiff washcloth for chewing. Additionally, ensure that anything that your little angel chew on is not choking.

Give a Nice Facial Massage

A facial massage can be distracting for your baby. While you do so, make sure your hands are clean and you rub her face, jaw, and gums in a circular motion. Doing this can shift her attention from the discomfort and soothe her teething pain. You can give her facial massage as many times as you can. Also, you can offer your fingers to chew on.

Ground Cloves

Cloves are known to have warming and numbing properties. You can use it by mixing ground cloves, unsalted butter, and coconut water. Before applying the mixture on your baby’s gums, keep it in the fridge for some time. The cool paste can offer much comfort.