India is known for its rich culture and tradition. Even after modernization, a lot of people are still following the age old customs. They may look ordinary to you but have strong reasons to be followed. It has been found that almost all the traditions in India have some relevance and health benefits. Today, we will talk about a few of those traditions that are actually linked to health benefits and practicing them can keep you fit and fine. Read further to know about them. Also Read - Human rights are an Indian tradition: PM Modi

Ear Piercing

In India, ear piercing is an old practice. Ayurveda states that the center point in the ear lobe of females is significant. It maintains the health of female reproductive system. Also, it balances the menstrual cycle. Ear piercing actually stimulates all this processes. Also Read - MS Dhoni, Sakshi in Indian Traditional Look Ahead of Navratri is Giving Serious Couple Goals -- PIC

Storing water in copper utensils

Copper has an array of benefits. From boosting your immunity to strengthening joints, speeding up healing process, and improving digestion, this metal can do it all for you. So, it is advised to drink water from a copper utensil. Also Read - PM Modi dedicates 'Champions of the Earth' award to Indian tradition

Wearing jewelry

In India, gold and silver jewelry have a great significance. A marriage is considered incomplete without jewelry. On every special occasion, women can be found decked up with jewelries. This is not just a part of fashion but has a cultural and health-related significance. According to experts in the field, wearing gold jewelry actually regulates body temperature, attracts positive energy, and reduces stress. Additionally, silver jewelry speeds up the healing process, boosts blood circulation, and prevents flu.

Eating with hands

This age old practice is still followed in some parts of our country including Bihar and South India. Eating with hands actually keeps your gut healthy. The good bacteria in your hands are passed on to your gut when you eat with your hands. This improves your immunity by balancing the number of good and bad bacteria in your tummy. Additionally, you feel a connection with the food when you eat with your hands. This enhances your taste and you feel satisfied post having food.