Researchers have found a protein that could help delay ageing by stopping skin deterioration and promoting repair, according to a research published in the journal Nature. According to the researchers, the protein COL17A1 in the skin gets depleted with age due to factors like UV radiation and stress factors. This causes the ‘weaker cells’ to replicate, ‘leaving the skin thinner, more prone to damage and slower to heal,’ according to a report in the AFP. The research said that chemical compounds in the protein could help in “facilitating skin regeneration and reducing skin ageing.’ The researchers said that they hoped to work on products like anti-ageing creams and tablets with these chemicals.Also Read - Include These 5 Foods in Your Diet for Glowing and Radiating Skin

No matter what your age, wrinkles, sagging skin, fine lines, crow’s feet and other signs of ageing are dreaded by many of us. This is why a number of women start applying anti-ageing products right from their late 20s in the hope of delaying ageing and making their skin look young and supple. There is tons of research on anti-ageing products too. Also Read - Quinoa to Curd: 5 Things Vegetarians Must Add In Their Diet

But the fact is that even with the most expensive anti-ageing creams, you may not be able to undo the damage that occurs naturally within the skin. The factors responsible for this damage range from an unhealthy diet to lifestyle habits like smoking and poor sleep. Some things you consume can not only be unhealthy for your body, but they could also spell disaster for your skin by ageing it faster. Eat these foods with caution if you want your skin to stay young forever! Also Read - Health Tips: Here’s How Much Protein You Should Consume in a Day to Remain Fit

Salt and sugar: Cutting down on salt can help you in many ways. But you would be doing your skin a great favour too by limiting your salt intake. Salt can lead to water retention and sugar can lead to inflammation and both these could deplete moisture in your skin and promote wrinkles and loss of elasticity. This is why you need to eat less processed foods and fast food which is loaded with excess sodium and fructose.

Simple carbs: Simple carbs including foods made with refined flour are as bad as sugar. These can cause skin damage similar to sugar-laden products because of their quick conversion to glucose. Avoid these foods completely, if possible.

Excess of dairy products: Paneer, milk, curd, etc. are all healthy foods, no doubt, but it is important to stick to moderation or else they could have detrimental effects on the skin. You should also find out if you are lactose intolerant, in which case, the problem exacerbates when you consume dairy.