A great deal of research has been conducted on nutrition and today, we have enough information about the right kind of diet for both health and beauty. But, what about the dietary blunders that we often commit? How do we resist the temptation of those foods that play havoc on our looks and figure? Doctors tell us not to skip breakfast, not to have low energy and low nutrition foods. Actually, it is up to us to make the correct choices. So we should take care to stay away from these foods to look healthy and glowing, says one of India’s most popular beauty experts Shahnaz Husain:

• Processed and Canned food items

Processed foods and cereals that are available nowadays should be chosen with care, because they may be high in sugar or salt and low on nutrition. Canned juices may also be loaded with sugar, essences, colour and preservatives. While these foods may provide you with energy, one must wonder about the nutritional values of such foods and the long term effect of weight gain.
Reduce your intake of noodles and pasta, refined rice and chapatis, potatoes, butter, as well as cooking oils. They can lead to a congested system and therefore, a congested skin, without any glow.

• Excess Fat and Sugar

Reduce fats, but do not eliminate them altogether. A diet that is low in fat does not mean that you have no fat at all. Actually, fat is needed by the body. Some vitamins are fat-soluble and your body needs fats to assimilate them. Before you know it, you may have a deficiency of one or more of such necessary vitamins.
On the other hand, try to avoid rich desserts, mithai and halwa, cakes, ice cream, processed cheese and aerated drinks. Having a fruit instead of a rich, sugary dessert can be the route to glowing skin.

During festivals, it is difficult to resist the temptation of sweets and rich food. Dietary blunders mean we end up with weight gain and unhealthy skin. Festivals mean temptation in the form of mithais, many of them oozing with ghee. Needless to say one should go easy because one never knows how quickly the calories make their presence felt.
Refined sugar also contains chemicals that are used during refining, which leads to skin problems. It is better to opt for jaggery, honey and wheat flour. But, even with these, one has to know when to say “No”!

• Too much Snacking

Snacking on fried foods is also a big mistake. Of course, the palate has its preferences, but too many fried foods means the sudden appearance of pimples and spots. If we are full with fried foods, we neglect to eat fruits and fibre rich foods. The result is the accumulation of wastes and dull, unhealthy skin. Drinking too little water and concentrating on aerated drinks is one of the biggest blunders. Less water means that the body is not getting rid of the accumulations of toxins and wastes. It can also mean an unhealthy skin, with loss of glow.