It’s common knowledge that a healthy body is the product of adequate exercise as well as a good, healthy and a well planned diet. If you are working out at the gym, chances are that you have been giving a lot of thought to the stuff you eat BEFORE going to the gym and not properly planning what you eat AFTER the workout. However, what you eat after coming back from the gym is extremely important to maintain good health.Also Read - 7 Lifestyle Habits That are Increasing Your Risk of Cervical Cancer

Your post workout meals should include all the nutrients necessary to replenish the body and recharge your energy levels. When you work out, your body uses up glycogen stored up in the muscles as fuel, which results in the muscles being partially depleted, as the proteins are broken down and damaged. After the exercise sessions, the body tries to replenish the glycogen levels and regain the lost muscle proteins. Eating right ensures that this process takes place faster and effectively. ALSO READ: Foods to Avoid Before Sex: 10 foods you should never eat right before having sex Also Read - Explained: What Is Cervical Cancer? Early Signs, Causes, Symptoms And Treatment, Everything You Need To Know; Watch Video

For this, you need to consume foods high in carbohydrates and proteins, to increase muscle protein synthesis and reduce its breakdown. The kind of food will enhance muscle recovery and ensure speedy restoration of glycogen, and consuming all three kinds of macro nutrients- proteins, carbs and fats- can help you achieve this faster. More importantly, one should consume their post-workout meals within 45 minutes of working out. Also Read - COVID-19 And Breastfeeding: Study Reveals NO Evidence of Infection Being Transmitted Through Breastfeeding

There are some foods which would be considered out of bounds for those wanting to loose weight, but are actually quite healthy and totally alright to consume pots an intense work out at the gym. Have a look at five surprising foods which you can consume after working out:

1. Chocolate Milk

Yes you read that right! Chocolate milk is being increasingly recommended as a post-work out super food. It packs enough protein and carbs to help you recover from your work out session. Also, don’t be conscious about the kind of milk you use. Whole fat cow milk is recommended as it provides just the right amount of fat, besides helping you rehydrate. It also packs a good amount of calcium and whey proteins.

So We’re Saying: Chuck your energy drink and go for the good old chocoolate milk. Recent studies have shown that chocolate milk is as good as Gatorade in restoring glycogen store.

2. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Your yummy in-between meals snack is now a health food! If you have quality peanut butter, you can indulge in a mean PBJ sanwich without feeling guilty. This snack has proteins and carbohydrates- between 20 to 30 grams and 50 to 65 grams, respectively- and can help you refuel your exhausted body in no time. However, be careful not to go overboard.

So We’re Saying: Most often peanut butters happen to be processed with hydrogenated oils and sugars, so make sure you check the label carefully. These butters are no good when you are trying to stay fit. Opt for the organic options.

3. Grilled Chicken 

After working out, your body can do with as much lean proteins and carbohydrates as it can stock up on. A dish of grilled chicken along with vegetables is high in the right kind of nutrients. The dish will fill you up, without making you feel bloated, while providing your body with all the nutrition that it needs to recover.

So We’re Saying: Try to keep the salt in the dish to a minimum and use olive oil instead of vegetable oil. Include vegetable high in fiber content as these will help you feel fuller for longer.

4. Whole Wheat Tuna Sandwich

Whole wheat is packed with complex carbohydrates, which are essential in the post-workout repair process. Whole wheat bread will make you feel full, while giving your body a carbohydrate boost, while tuna replenishes your body’s protein reserves. Besides, tuna is low in calories and highly nutritious. Add some green leafy vegetables to the sandwich to make it more nutritious and to add fiber to the mix.

So We’re Saying: Use a sandwich spread which is low in calories. Instead of going for mayonnaise, use hummus, which is also high in fiber content. ALSO READ: Foods to avoid before bed: 9 foods you should NEVER eat before hitting the sheets!

5. Avocados

Avocados are the health food of the year. They add taste and nutrition to every dish that they are a part of. We recommend you to make this savoury fruit a part of your daily post-workout meal as well, because it’s packed with good fat. Fat helps heal your achy muscles and joints. Besides fat, avocados are also great sources of Vitamin B, which helps in metabolizing the carbohydrates and proteins that you have been consuming. It helps you jumpstart your metabolism and leaves you feeling energized.

So We’re Saying: Make an avocado sandwich, tuck some slices in between an omelette, or make some yummy guacamole sauce and spread it on whole wheat bread for a filling snack. You can also add it to your fruit smoothie.

6. Whole Eggs

Although egg yolk had earlier been banished from the healthy food category, dietitians in recent times have brought it back in, after discovering its health benefits. The golden center of the egg is responsible for half of its protein content. It also has all of its Vitamin D and Omega-3 fatty acids, which have anti-oxidant properties. Each egg packs merely 70 calories and contains all nine essential amino acids, which are important for reducing muscle damage in the body.

So We’re Saying: It’s time your stop throwing the yolk away, as by doing that you are throwing away half the food’s nutrients. Whether you like them boiled, scrambled or sunny side up with toast, eggs should be eaten whole to maximise their health benefits.