The summer heat is still on and to cool off, a summer cocktail is one of the most fun ways to do so. But you don’t always have to hit the pub to down a glass of chilled cocktail, you can make one at home yourself too. It isn’t very complicated and tastes amazing. Chef Parag from Terttulia, Mumbai, shares two of his favorite fruit cocktail recipes with us. (ALSO SEE How to make gin and jagermeister cocktails)

Watermelon Caipiroska

Terttulia - Watermelon Caprioska

Enjoy the freshness of watermelon with a dash of vodka in it with this cool caipiroska drink. Here’s how to make it.


Vodka: 60 ml

Muddled mint: 5-6 sprigs

Lime wedges: 4

Sweet and sour: 30 ml

Fresh cut watermelon: 5-6 chunks


Cut watermelon into chunks.

Add sweet and sour mix and vodka.

Stir all the ingredients vigorously.

Pour into a rock glass and serve.

Sweet Lime Martini

Terttulia - Sweet Lime Mint Martini

If you prefer a citrus blast, then this sweet lime martini is perfect for you. It can be made in minutes and the mint adds that dose of freshness you need. Check out the recipe here.


Vodka: 60 ml

Muddled mint: 5-6 sprigs

Fresh sweet lime: 5- 6 chunks

Sweet n sour: 30 ml


Muddle mint sprigs.

Cut the sweet lime into chunks.

Mix with mint sprigs and pour the vodka.

Add sweet and sour mix and shake it well with 6-8 ice cubes.

Strain and pour into a martini glass and serve.

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