Broken makeup? You need not fret anymore! Your favorite makeup products cost you a bomb, but now you need not sulk when they get broken after hitting the floor or by any other means, because you can fix them easily. Yes, you can easily fix your broken compact, lipstick, eye shadow and dry mascara with these simple hacks. These beauty hacks will help you to mend your broken makeup products easily. Read on to know how you can fix your broken cosmetics.Also Read - Face Yoga: Make Your Face Look Sharper By Trying These Facial Exercises Using Spoons | Watch Video

1. How to fix broken compact powder

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If you drop your pressed compact powder on the floor by mistake it is bound to break into small pieces and powder chunks. To restore your compact powder put all the broken pieces into a plastic bag and crush them together into fine powder. Then empty all the powder back into the container and then add few drops of  rubbing alcohol. Mix everything and smooth out the powder and press it down with a tissue. Leave the compact open overnight and the next morning you will be able to use your brand new compact powder! (ALSO READ How to apply foundation: 6 simple steps to apply foundation to get flawless-looking skin). Also Read - Summer Skin Care: 6 Reasons To Include Rose Water In Your Beauty Regime

2. How to fix dried nail paint

How to fix dried nail paint

Nail polish often become useless once it gets dry. So in order to fix dried nail paints, all you need to do is add a few drops of acetone into the nail paint bottle. Close the lid and shake it vigorously. You can now use your favorite shade of nail polish once again! (ALSO READ How to apply kajal? 3 different ways to apply kohl for beautiful eyes).

3. How to fix broken lipstick

How to fix broken lipstick

To mend  your favorite broken lipstick, grab a pair of gloves before you start this hack. Remove the broken piece of lipstick from the applicator and then then swivel the lipstick. Using a lighter heat the lipstick base, and once it the base area gets melted slightly, pick up the broken piece and attack it gently to the base of the lipstick. (ALSO READ How to apply lipstick? Tips to apply lip color like a pro and make it long-lasting!).

4. How to fix dry mascara

How to fix dry mascara

There are two ways to fix dried mascara. Grab the mascara bottle and put some drops of any generic eye drops into it. Close the lid and swirl it a couple of times. Once you open it you will be able to use it as a new one! Otherwise you can also dip the mascara container in hot water for few minutes keeping the lid tight. You will find your mascara as good as a new one! (ALSO READ How to apply your eyeliner perfectly? Tips to use three different eyeliners to get the perfect look!).

5. How to fix broken eye shadow

How to fix broken eye shadow

If you drop your eye shadow by mistake, gather all the broken pieces of the eye shadow and put it into a plastic zip lock bag. Crush it with spoon until it forms fine powder. Then add some water to the container and then empty the eye shadow fine powder into it. Mix it until it forms a smooth paste and then pat it down with a tissue paper. Leave it to dry and then use it.

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