Depression is a mental health condition and clinical depression is quite common with one in five Americans suffering from it. However, not everyone takes it seriously or gets consultation for it from a professional. To make things easier, Google will soon roll out a new feature for mobile users in America. With this feature, when people search for depression on the search engine site, it will roll out a knowledge panel that will help people better understand this mental condition. It will also give users an option to take a test to figure out if they are clinically depressed. This test will help them determine their mental situation better and take action accordingly. While the feature will first be available in America, we hope it comes to other countries as well pretty soon. If you think you are depressed, here are few tips to deal with it.

Cut down on caffeine intake             

Coffee is perhaps the first thing we drink every morning but it isn’t just restricted to one cup for many. If you drink copious cups of coffee every day, your caffeine intake is pretty high which can negatively affect your mental health. It acts as a stimulant and can be easy to get addicted to as your body craves for it every day. Swap it with herbal teas that are relaxing and will make you more calm.

Exercise to stay happy

Exercise or any physical workout helps in inducing the happy hormone in your body and that’s why it gives you a physical as well as a mental boost. It is important to stay in shape and healthy and exercise can help do that while also reducing your stress levels. So 30 minutes of exercise is good for you. (ALSO SEE 5 signs that your man is depressed)

Get enough sleep

Sleeping is your body’s time to relax and rejuvenate and it is important to get enough rest so that both your mind and body relax and help you be more productive mentally and physically. So ensure that you get enough shut-eye every night. Not sleeping enough can increase the cortisol levels in your body that can make you more depressed.

Take a vacation

Sometimes, a change of scene can do wonders for our health. So take a vacation every few months so that you keep yourself rejuvenated and don’t get stuck in a rut. Figure out what kind of terrain and what kind of vacation you like and then book one so that you come back refreshed. (ALSO SEE Tips to deal with workplace depression)

Seek professional help

Depression is a serious condition and sometimes you need a doctor’s help to get back on track. If you feel you are depressed, see a professional who can access your condition and then suggest a treatment. Don’t ignore it for too long and let yourself suffer.