We try to inculcate healthy habits among kids with the hope that they lead healthy, disease-free lives not just in their childhood but also in their adulthood. Some of the healthy habits that they get used to during their younger years will help them lead healthier lives later in life. They will probably follow these habits right into their adulthood. Now, a new research has shown that in order for your kid to have a healthy heart, it is important that they are involved in some kind of physical activity. Think it is too soon for you to think about your child’ health in their adulthood? This research states that children who are involved in a good amount of physical activity can have better cardiovascular health and lower arterial stiffness. According to the researchers, more intense physical activity was necessary to slow arterial stiffness. This simply means that children need to be moving more in order to have a healthy heart in the future. Here are some things that can help your kids have good cardiovascular health in the future:Also Read - I Quit: ‘Depressed’ IIT Kharagpur Student Commits Suicide in MP's Indore

Not being psychologically stressed: A 2015 study showed that psychological stress in childhood can lead to a higher risk of heart disease and diabetes in adulthood. The effects of stress ‘may be initiated relatively early in life’ according to the study. It is important to ensure that your child doesn’t have too much persistent stress owing to adversities. Also Read - Apple Airpods To Read Body Temperature, Monitor Posture in Future | Details Here

Beating depression: Another study showed that the prevention and treatment of childhood depression can reduce adult cardiovascular disease. The study published in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine said that depressed children are likely to be obese, smoke and be inactive. These factors can cause heart diseases. The study also noted that those who are depressed are more likely to suffer a heart attack, and if they do have a heart attack, it’s more likely to be fatal. Also Read - World Heart Day 2021: Why Are Youngsters Getting More Prone To Heart Attacks? Explained, Watch Video