Hair is one of the most important parts of your personality. Having smooth and luminous hair can enhance your overall look, however frizzy and tangled one can make you appear dull. Apart from eating healthy and exercising, there are various other ways to make your hair look stunning. You can either choose an array of products available in the market or can opt for natural smoothening ways. In case you wish to go for the latter which is the most regular, healthy, and non-damaging technique, here is what you need to do. Also Read - Protect Your Hair from Summer Heat With These Homemade Hair Masks

Try Hot Oil Therapy

Hot oil therapy can do wonders when it comes to hair care. It can help you restore the hair moisture and add shine to it. This age-old technique can also promote healthy hair growth and prevent hair damage. Use coconut oil for hot oil therapy as it is rich in fatty acids and vitamins that are known to provide nourishment to your hair. To begin with this therapy, you need to slightly heat 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil and then add curry leaves in it. Then, apply the oil on your scalp evenly and gently massage for a while in circular motion. Leave it overnight and wash your hair the next day, with a sulphate-free shampoo. Also Read - Here is How to Curl Your Hair at Home Without Heating

Use Cold Water to Wash Hair

Washing your hair with cold water can effectively help you bid adieu to frizz and get straight hair. After washing, do not forget to apply an anti-frizz or straightening conditioner. And, avoid using a hairdryer post rinsing. Instead, pat dry your hair. Also Read - Disha Patani’s New Hair Look in Lockdown is on Point, Stuns Fans With Hot Pics

Use Vinegar For Rinsing

Apple cider vinegar is known to maintain the pH balance of our scalp. It also makes hair healthy by cleaning the build-up that may have accumulated as a result of the consistent use of synthetic products. If you want shiny, smooth, and soft hair, rinse it with apple cider vinegar. It works by closing the hair cuticles.