Who doesn’t like to have long and lustrous hair? Everyone does, right? But, most of the people only think of having such hair in their dreams. Irregular sleeping patterns, unhealthy diet, excessive air pollution and sometimes genetics play a significant role in hair loss, that has become one of the most common issues in both men and women these days. Certain home remedies and natural ways may provide you with some relief from hair loss, but they are not a permanent solution for treating the condition. If you are willing to spend some good amount of money to get rid of your hair loss problem forever, here are 3 best-considered treatments you can opt for.Also Read - How to Use These Miracle Herbs to Prevent Hair Fall

Hair Transplant

This is a costly procedure in which a doctor will remove some hair follicles from the back of your scalp as the hair remains for a lifetime on this area. For the extraction of hair follicles, a motorised extracting machine is used and this procedure is painless. Now, a hair transplantation pen will be used to plant these hair follicles in the area where you are experiencing hair fall. After the procedure, you have to wait for at least 3 months for the new hair growth. In a year, you will get thick and voluminous hair. Also Read - Experiencing Too Much Hair Fall? Opt For These Home Remedies

Scalp Reduction Process

This is quite costly but a permanent solution to hair loss. In this process, the scalp area that’s bald is surgically removed and the scalp that has good hair growth is stretched towards the bald scalp area. The procedure needs professional expertise. Also Read - Experiencing Hair Fall? Include These Super-foods in Your Daily Diet ASAP

Slit Grafting

This is a surgical procedure in which hair follicles are transplanted on the scalp. It is done in such a way that each of the graft contains around 30 to 40 hair. People with extreme hair loss problem can opt for this solution.