Haircare Tips: Here's Why Combing Your Hair Daily is Extremely Important

Have you heard people telling you combing your hair daily is not advisable? Well, we get an hair expert breaking this myth for you.


Haircare tips: It seems quite easy to go days without combing your hair, except for the occasional detangling. However, apart from fighting knots and improving the lustre of your hair, combing has a number of advantages. The sebaceous glands in your head produce natural oils, and combing ensures that these oils are evenly distributed throughout your hair for optimal nourishment. Some other benefits of combing your hair everyday are:

  1. Healthy blood circulation: Our hair receives nutrients and nourishment from the bloodstream. When you comb or brush it, you initiate and stimulate blood to rise and flow to the surface, resulting in micro-circulation. More oxygen and nutrients are delivered to your hair as a result of enhanced blood circulation, nourishing it and stimulating hair growth.
  2. Removes dead skin: Brushing and combing your hair on a daily basis will help you loosen and eliminate dead skin from your scalp, which can otherwise clog pores on the scalp's surface and obstruct follicles. It, therefore, causes inflammation and an itchy scalp, which impedes hair development.
  3. Shiny hair: Sebaceous glands in your hair follicles create sebum, which is a natural oil that functions as a lubricant on your scalp. We tend to disperse this oil from the hair's root to the ends while combing, which gives your hair a healthy and lustrous appearance.
  4. Promotes hair growth: Brushing your hair on a regular basis will promote hair development and make it sleek, shiny, and manageable. When you comb your hair, the bristles of your comb softly massage your scalp, increasing blood flow. More nutrients and oxygen reach your scalp causing your hair follicles to be stimulated. It will make them look younger and encourage hair growth.
  5. Prevents hair loss: Avoiding combing your hair on a regular basis, preferably twice a day, might result in unsightly knots in your hair. These knots can be uncomfortable, and they can also cause unneeded hair breakage. While brushing your hair on a daily basis is essential, it's also important to consider the type of comb or brush you're using, as it plays an important function.
  6. Adds bounce and volume: Taking care of your hair and combing it from time to time will keep the shine, volume, and bounce intact. Maintaining your hair cleanliness, like the rest of your body, is crucial. Brushing your hair on a daily basis will nourish your scalp, resulting in healthier-looking hair.
  7. Goodbye to dandruff: Dandruff has proven to be one of the most bothersome scalp issues. It feels like fighting a never-ending struggle with flaky, white scalp particles. However, brushing your hair and keeping basic hair hygiene on a regular basis can help control and avoid dandruff to a large extent. This also helps keep your skin glowing and radiant.

The frequency with which you brush or comb your hair is determined by the texture and length of your hair. Everyone has distinct hair types, which require different treatments. People with straight or wavy hair should comb their hair twice a day, on average. It has also been shown to be useful. It may be like getting ready in the morning and then before going to bed twice a day. People with textured or curly hair should avoid combing and brushing their hair on a regular basis, and should only do it on hair wash days. It will prevent frizzing and loss of natural texture in their hair.

It is also essential to keep in mind that your hair does not need 100 strokes of brushing a day. It is a myth that cultivates unhealthy habits. Hence, avoid brushing your hair vigorously as it can lead to damage.

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-- with inputs from Nilkanth Ray, Director, GreenOpia Naturals


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Published Date:December 1, 2021 2:14 PM IST

Updated Date:December 1, 2021 2:14 PM IST