Curly hair can be tricky to manage. Knots, tangles and frizz is part of your life and it takes your hours if you decide to straighten it. Those gorgeous locks need your love and care to look perfect. Hydrating conditioner and serum are your best friends. Using serum will help reduce the frizz and make your mane soft. You also need to dry your hair with care to maintain the shape. L’Oreal Spiral Splendour and other curling creams also help set the curls. It is better to let it dry naturally instead of a blow dryer. Here are some more hacks to manage your curls and look perfect. (ALSO READ Top 10 tips to take care of your curly hair).Also Read - How to Curl Your Hair Without Damaging it? Shahnaz Husain Shares Tips

1. Scrunch it the right way

You may be scrunching your curls all wrong. The right way to scrunch your hair is by taking a small section of hair, cupping the end and pushing it upward. You should push it till your ears and then move your hands away. Make sure all sections are scrunched properly. Also Read - Holi 2021 : Best Pre-Holi Hair Care and Skincare Tips to Prevent Damage | Watch Video

2. Twist your hair into a bun when you sleep

If you leave your hair open when you sleep, all the turning and rolling will make your hair more frizzy. Make a top knot or bun to save your curls and keep it manageable the next day. Just twist and tie it up with a scrunchy. Next morning, just untie your hair and apply some serum to refresh it. Also Read - Tara Sutaria Shares Haircare Tips And Talks About Her go-to Hack to Keep Her Tresses Long And Strong

3. Apply serum at the end

If you have curly hair, you must be aware that the ends become drier as compared to your scalp. This happens because the oil from your scalp doesn’t reach the tips. Not combing your hair also makes the ends dry. You can apply serum or massage in some olive oil to make it moisturized and shiny.

4. Use soft t-shirt to dry your hair

Using a terry towel can cause more frizz in curly hair. It also opens up your beautiful ringlets. You need a microfiber towel to dry your hair. You can also use a soft t-shirt to dry your mane.

5. Condition it properly

One of the best ways to make you hair more manageable is to use a hydrating conditioner. You should apply the conditioner the right way to detangle and make your mane soft. Apply some conditioner to your curls from midshaft to the end. Now, apply the conditioner to your hair by running finger through. Smooth out the cuticles and once you are done applying it on your hair, rinse it using cool water. This will lock the moisture in.

Your curls are not that difficult to manage. Follow these hacks to look gorgeous.