Are you deciding to get a new haircut and cannot figure out which haircut will look best on you? Well you need to take into consideration the shape of your face before you head to your salon to get a new haircut. A good haircut can do wonders to bring out your best feature by  highlighting certain angles. We share with you a and bring out the best in your features. Read this informative article to get a clear idea on how to figure out your face shape and choose a haircut that works for you.

Click a self portrait and trace your face

To figure out the shape of your face, you need to click a picture. Try not to smile in the picture to know the shape of your face in it’s natural position. Or else you can also stand in front of the mirror and then using a marker, trace the shape of your face around your chin, past your ears, and around your hairline. (ALSO READ Hairstyle trends 2017: Hottest hair styling trends you need to try to look fabulous this year).

Shape of your face

Check if the shape of your face resembles a square, heart shape, round or oval. If your face is as wide as it is long, it is probably a square or a circle. If your face is longer than it is wide, it is oval. If your chin is angular and squared , you have a square-shaped face. If your chin come to a pretty point, you have a heart-shaped face.  (ALSO READ Shruti Haasan Hairstyle Files: 5 times MTV Unplugged Season 6 singer Shruti Haasan gave us major hairstyle goals).

Haircuts according to face shape: How to choose haircuts for round, oval, square and heart-shaped face

Researching the right haircut for your face shape

Look up for some pictures on the internet for reference and then makeup your mind. Also consult the stylist before your pin down on a particular haircut for yourself.  (ALSO READ How to get Priyanka Chopra’s Golden Globes 2017 red carpet hairstyle WATCH VIDEO).

Consult your stylist

To make sure that you get your haircut right, always consult your stylist. Your stylist is very familiar with different types of cuts that look best different face shapes. Do not be afraid to be afraid to ask for advice. (ALSO READ Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai actress Hina Khan is giving her fans brand new hair styling goals!).

Haircuts according to face shape: How to choose haircuts for round, oval, square and heart-shaped face

1. For round face

If you have softer, round features, you can contrast them with some edge, with haircuts that has sleek lines and tapered ends. Always avoid bulky hairstyles and go for asymmetrical ones. Medium-length cut with layers, with the longest layer falling a few inches below your chin will look flattering. But if you wish to keep your hair long, it will also lengthen your features. Consider long wavy layers to contrast the roundness. If you want short haircut, opt for an angled bob or a pixie cut.  (ALSO READ How to get the best hairstyle trends from Golden Globe Awards 2017).

2. For square face

You need to play up the angles with haircuts that draws attention to the strong jaws and bold lines for square face. Alternatively you can also soften the harsh angles with cuts that bring focus to the eyes and mouth, rather than the edges of your square shaped face. You can opt for a chic tousled chin-length bob.  Long curls and waves can offset severe angles and straight long hair also provides an interesting contrast. But avoid extremely short hair
as it can make your face look larger.

Haircuts according to face shape: How to choose haircuts for round, oval, square and heart-shaped face

3. For oval face

Generally oval faces tend to look incredible with a wide range of haircuts. If you are conscious about the length of your face, you can opt for cuts like layers, bangs, curls and waves, as it will make the face look less long. Also you can opt for blunt, straight bangs as they bring out the eyes and contrast with a defined chin. Long, soft waves are a classic look or you can also go for shoulder-length bobs bring attention to the jawline, bringing out the best in an oval-shaped face. If you like short hairdo go for an angled cut instead of a pixie cut.

Haircuts according to face shape: How to choose haircuts for round, oval, square and heart-shaped face

4. For heart-shaped face

You can look pretty if you strike the right balance with the right length. For a heart-shaped face, go for medium and long-length hair.  These haircuts will fill in the area around the chin. You can accentuate your cheekbones with bangs or layers that end right at the cheeks. If you want a short hairdo, opt for a pixie cut with bangs as it will highlight the elegant chin and make your eyes look big and beautiful. Also, do not let your face shape get in the way of your desired cut, if you wear it with confidence it will look good.