Halloween is almost here and this calls for celebration. Well it is fun to go out, dressed up in Halloween costumes with friends and sip a couple of drinks. However the beauty of having a house party is something else. Indians are also slowly accepting the Halloween culture slowly and there are many places that organize special Halloween parties.  This Halloween, instead of stepping out and shelling out money, just organzie a house party and make some really delicious cocktails that are Halloween special. We have a several cocktail recipes waiting for you, but today we will share with you a recipe of the cocktail named Murder in the Garden. Since it is Halloween, the names of the drinks are also scary enough. Though, the drink is mouthwatering and it is perfect for house parties. You can make this cocktail easily. Here is the recipe is originally from Glocal Junction in Worli. Since they have Halloween themed parties, their menu will also have a major influence of Halloween themed food and drinks. So here is one such drink that you can try at home.


45 ml Tequila

15 ml Green Melon Syrup

20 ml Pineapple Juice

25 ml Lime Juice

60 ml Red Wine

Dehydrated Melons


To begin with, you need to mix melon syrup and lime juice in a glass.

To this glass, now add tequila and red wine. The quantity can be on a 50-50 ratio.

Now once you have mixed alcohol, you need to add pomegranate juice. Add maybe 4 to 5 spoons.

If you wish to stir all these ingredients you can, if not you can also just keep it as it is.

Now to add some beauty to this drink, you cam garnish the drink with dehydrated melons.


Your cocktail Murder in the Garden is now ready to serve.

Now since you have seen that it is as simple as this to prepare a delicious cocktail, you can now throw a house party at your home and serve your guests with this delicious cocktail.