Halloween that will celebrated on October 31st this year is just three days away. Usually this festival includes dressing up in spooky costumes , trick or treat, making lanterns using pumpkins and parties. In India, Halloween isn’t celebrated as traditionally as in other Western countries. Here offices organize Halloween parties where people are asked to dress up in Halloween costumes and several pubs and lounges have Halloween offers. Most people go out with friends and celebrate the day drinking and just chilling. While some people prefer to just have a house party because that’s the cheapest and the best option. We have already given you some makeup ideas so that you can nail the Halloween look this year. Along with that we have also shared with some recipes to ensure that your house parties are awesome.  This time too, we are back sharing two awesome recipes that was shared by Glocal Junction. These are two recipes from the Glocal Junction’s menu that you can relish. So these are the two cocktail recipes that you can refer to if you are planning to throw a house party.

Dracula’s Feast:


45 ml Gordon’s Gin

30 ml Fresh Pomegranate Juice

20 ml Sweet & Sour Syrup

10 ml Reduced Grenadine Syrup for rim

2 springs of Thyme

2 drops of Saline Solution


Mix Pomegranate Juice and Sweet & Sour syrup

Add the Gin

Use Thyme and Saline Solution

Shake it well with ice

Upturn a glass in Grenadine syrup for the rim

Pour the cocktail in and enjoy chilled!

Dark Portion:


45 ml Whisky

10 ml Sweet Vermouth

5 ml Campari

2 drops Bitters

2 drops Edible Black Colour


Mix all ingredients

Garnish with dehydrated orange

Fill 2/3rd glass with ice

Pour in and sip away!

So like you see, in just 4 to 5 steps, you cocktail is ready to be served. So this Halloween, instead of heading to a pub with hundred other people, throw a house party with close friends and celebrate the day with home made cocktails.