Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar turned 51 today but can one guess his age by just looking at him? The actor looks much younger and the credit goes to his fitness regime that has been an inspiration for the youth. If you are a Akshay fan then you must be knowing about his fitness regime. He has been a fitness freak ever since he began his career in the 1990s. However, the Khiladi is not at all a fan of gyming since he finds it very boring and monotonous. He believes in staying fit but in a very natural way and avoids any kind of protein shakes that can cause harm to the body. Instead, he just follows a strict diet and a disciplined schedule. Akshay, being an adventurous man, loves playing basketball, kick-boxing, yoga, swimming, and martial arts. He makes sure he does not just stick to one routine and try out new things amidst the greenery. He works out for almost an hour five to six times a week.Also Read - Akshay Kumar's Sooryavanshi vs Salman Khan's Antim: Mahesh Manjrekar Speaks on Possible Box Office Clash This Diwali

  • Akshay Kumar fitness secrets

Akshay loves being outdoors and working out. He has shaped his body through martial arts, adventurous sports, natural therapy, and a disciplined life. The actor loves playing basketball and enjoys trekking. When he is running short of time, he makes sure that he climb the stairs instead, as his workout. For Akshay, it is all about the fitness of the body and not for bulking the muscles. He is completely against food supplements and steroid. This is what Akshay does in a day: Also Read - Akshay Kumar Starrer Ram Setu And Bachchan Pandey Get Release Dates, Deets Inside

– The Khiladi wakes up at 04:30 am in the morning and then goes for an hour swimming. Also Read - Akshay Kumar's Prithviraj To Ranbir Kapoor's Shamshera, When YRF's Upcoming Movies Will Be Released? Check Here

– Martial arts (1 hour)

– Yoga and stretching exercises

– Meditation (1 hour)

  • Akshay Kumar disciplined life

The Gold Star is known to be one of the most disciplined actors in Bollywood who follows a very disciplined lifestyle. He wraps up his dinner by evening and wakes up at 04:30 am. His focus is not just on physical fitness but also being fit mentally.

  • Akshay Kumar diet plan

Akshay prefers home cooked rather than junk and likes to go for a balanced diet. He has confessed quite a number of times that the secret to his healthy life is homemade food. Ke keeps himself away from liquor, smoking and hardly attends parties. Another interesting fact about Akshay is that the actor has not even tried tea or coffee. He has Parathas for breakfast and a glass of milk. During the noon he has a bowl full of fruits. Roti, dal, green vegetables, chicken and a bowl of curd is his menu for lunch. In the evening, instead of coffee or tea, he has a glass of juice without sugar. He goes for a light dinner that includes soup, salads, and veggies.

  • Akshay Kumar workout regime

Akshay prefers martial arts over gyming to maintain a lean and toned body. According to Akshay, one can remain active and maintain a fit body through an array of exercises. He loves practicing kick-boxing and shadow-boxing. He goes for natural fitness which favors core exercises.

  • Akshay Kumar Yoga exercises

The film industry might look very glamorous and full of fun but it is a very difficult one. There is a lot of stress that the whole has to go through to come out with a good result. To overcome all the stress and chaos, Akshay practices Yoga and meditation that keeps him calm and stress-free.

Not only does Akshay inspires his fans with his films but his lifestyle is also followed by many. We wish the actor a very happy birthday and hope he continues inspiring everyone.