“When the character of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends.” This Japanese proverb is enough to tell you how important friends’ role is in your life and how deeply they impact your personality.Also Read - International Friendship Day 2020: Twitter Erupts With Funny Memes & Jokes to Celebrate The Special Day Between Friends

Friends walk beside you no matter what the circumstances are and how rough the path is. They know you better than others do.
Having a friend makes your life complete. Friendship is one of the most honest and trustworthy relations that help you live a meaningful life. It is an investment that improves your bond with the other person and it grows with time. The more you care for it, the happier you will be. Also Read - Disha Patani-Tiger Shroff Add Romance to Monsoon Weather as They Step Out For Lunch Date on Friendship Day

A true friend is a blessing that not everyone has. A real friend always encourages you and accepts you the way you are. If you have got one, think yourself lucky and give this relationship all it needs to make it blossom with time. Here we tell you some scientific reasons why you should make good friends. Also Read - Karisma Kapoor's Friendship Day Wish in Dil Toh Paagal Hai Style Hits Fans With Bout of Nostalgia

Friends Can Reduce Your Stress

When you spend time with a person who is close to you and is your confidant, you feel good. Also, friends know how to cheer you up and flush out anxiety and stress from your body. Bonding with a friend makes you feel secure. You know that no matter what, your friend is going to be with you. This boosts your confidence and reduces the cortisol level in your blood.

Friends Can Improve Your Memory

Don’t be surprised. This is a proven fact. Friends do make your memory razor-sharp. This is what a research conducted at the Northwestern University states. Having emotional support and engagement with family have been found to have a positive impact on your memory. It can boost your brain’s cognitive functions.

Friends Can Increase Longevity

According to a study conducted at the George Mason University, people with strong social and emotional support have better odds of survival. This means having trustworthy friends can help you live longer.