Hugs can make a lot of difference to your lives. Even a bad day can turn into a good one if you get a hug from your friend, loved one or anybody you love.  Since Valentine’s week is on, today is Hug Day.  You dont really need a day to hug, but since it is hug day and Valentine’s Day is two days later, here are some reasons why hugs are so important. Everybody needs hugs every single day of their lives. It makes you feel so much better and relieves a lot of of your stress. Here are some reasons why we think hugs should form a major part of your life every single day. (ALSO READ Give your man these 6 most unique gifts on Valentine’s Day and he is totally going to love it!).

1. Hugs help you relieve stress

Hugs can help you combat stress and also depression. You do not have to spend a lot on counselling, when all you need right now is  a good, tight hug.  A warm hug increases oxytocin level that helps your body to keep the bad mood away.  It will help you deal with stressful situations in a much better way. ALSO READ Singham 3 star Suriya and Jyothika totally give us true relationship goals! VIEW PICS!

2. Improves mood

Several studies have suggested that hugging can better your mood a lot more than anything else.It releases serotonin that is a hormone which helps you betters your mood and makes you happy.

3. Helps in dealing with social anxiety

People who have  a problem of social anxiety feel relaxed when they get a hug from someone they know.  It makes them feel welcomed and relieved. Dealing with social anxiety becomes much easier when they get a hug. ALSO READ Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Naga Chaitanya are now engaged! Tollywood’s cutest couple is giving us major couple goals! VIEW PICS!

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4. Hugs help you in communicating better

Hugging person will help you reduce your levels of awkwardness and helps you communicate you better. It also increases the bonding and you feel more comfortable with that person.

5.  Keep your self esteem high

Sharing and exchanging hugs will keep your confidence and your self esteem high. Especially if you have been sharing hugs since childhood, it helps you become a much more confident person.  This form of expression of love and care helps you to grow as a person and helps you stay positive. ALSO READ These are the 5 foolproof tips to keep in mind before buying Valentine’s Day gifts for your girl!

6.  Your heart problems will be kept at bay

Hugging will also help you heart problems at bay. Studies suggest that close hugging especially with your loved ones will help you stay calm and also helps in maintaining your blood pressure. This keeps your heart stronger and healthier.

Do you want to more reasons? No actually. If you have friends, loved ones in your life, exchange hugs often and see how much better you feel.