Exercising religiously is a tough task and it takes great motivation to stick to the daily workout routine. If you have finally gathered the courage to sweat it out in a gym, you must know the right way to do exercise to get maximum benefits. Though the ultimate goal of working out remains losing calories, you should be aware of the muscle you need to focus on first. Training your body the right way is extremely significant and that would help you fetch the required results on time. As per fitness experts, if you have just started working out, you should firstly give attention to your core muscle. Want to know why?Also Read - Urvashi Rautela: An Effective Home Workout Routine is Not Easy

Well, core muscle is the largest muscle in your body and an array of daily bodily functions depend on it. Core muscle supports your posture and stabilises your body during movements. Everything that you do requires the support of your core muscle. Therefore, it is important to strengthen it. Also Read - Hina Khan's Workout Tip: 'Wearing Stylish' Matters When You Sweat it Out

How to Train Your Core Muscle?

You can begin with some basic core exercises like bridge, dead bug, leg raise etc. Notably, bridge exercise can target your lower back muscles and strengthen this area. Also, it can improve your hip mobility. On the other hand, dead bug exercise improves the stability of your hips and trunk. Leg raise boosts your movement range and improve the flexibility of your lower back.