Are you experiencing a loss of appetite, itchy skin, yellowing of skin, fatigue and light-colour stool? If yes, you are probably either at risk of developing pancreatic cancer or have already developed the disease. It is one of the most deadliest form of cancers because the symptoms of pancreatic cancer do not appear in the beginning and go unnoticed for long until it is too late. Delayed detection of the signs is the reason why pancreatic cancer claims lives of a significant number of people every year. Also Read - Eating Fiber-Rich Food Can Reduce Your Likelihood of Developing Breast Cancer

But now you need not worry. Scientists have found a cure for the chronic disease. According to a research published in the journal Cancer Discovery, it is now possible to block pancreatic cancer by disrupting cellular pH equilibrium. This is definitely a boon for patients of pancreatic cancer. Also Read - Coronavirus: Delhi Government Seals Cancer Institute After Doctor, 9 Staffers Test Positive

Pancreatic cancer cells actually need energy constantly for growth and expansion. And, by depleting ion transport protein, that is responsible for regulating the internal pH of cells and organelles, we can lower the cellular pH, that can further restrict cancer cell growth. Gradually, a lack of energy can lead to the death of these cells. Also Read - Turmeric: Indian Spice That Can Reduce Risk of Heart Disease And Cancer

This is a great finding and can be therapeutic to treat pancreatic cancer. If not treated on time, pancreatic cancer can lead to complications including jaundice, severe abdomen pain, extreme weight loss, and bowel obstruction. According to experts in the field, certain factors like smoking, diabetes, obesity, having chronic inflammation in pancreas, and being old can increase your risk of developing pancreatic cancer. So, to avoid any suffering you need to make sure you do not relate to these factors.