People hardly get time to bid adieu to their boring and unrewarding life and plan an escape. If you have got the opportunity, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and pay a visit to the hill station, Ooty. Surrounded by lush green pine trees and coffee and tea plantations, the place is an absolute delight. Also known as Udagamandalam, Ooty is a perfect destination for you if you are looking for a picturesque place to visit. Located at an altitude of 2,240 meters, amidst the Nilgiri hills, Ooty serves as a perfect destination to relax and unwind. Nestled above the sea level, the place enjoys a favorable climate in all the seasons. Whilst you are heading towards this beautiful place, how can you not think of keeping a memory of this hill station? Go and explore the popular markets in Ooty and have a friendly shopping experience. Here we have compiled the list of things in Ooty which are a must buy.

Handmade chocolates

Handmade chocolates are one of the popular delights of Ooty. The place also has a chocolate museum. If you want to learn about the manufacturing of chocolates, you can visit the museum. To enjoy the treat, you can walk into any of the bakeries situated in the hill station. To grab the best chocolates, you must head towards Charing road.

Fruits and honey

One of the significant sources of livelihood in Ooty is beekeeping. That is the reason you can find the best honey in any of the local stores situated in the hill station. Also, the place is also known for organically-grown strawberries.

Aromatic Oils

Popular for producing the best aromatic essential oil in the country, Ooty can offer you oils like eucalyptus, citronella, and camphor in abundance. Due to the abundance of Eucalyptus forests in the city, the oil is extracted here locally and can be purchased at a cheap price.