While some like to stay in and enjoy a cup of their favourite beverage, others have to step out, brave the rains, and go about their daily activities. Regardless of which category you fall under, one has to be careful and ready for all the germs that come along with the monsoon. Even if you keep all the doors closed and stay inside the house, the difference will be negligible because the germs can contaminate your house in various unavoidable ways. Hence, the only way you can be prepared for the season is by constant disinfection. Here are five tips for clean, germ-free homes. Also Read - Hate Going to Office on a Rainy Day? Here Are 5 Tried & Tested Excuses to Skip Work!

  1. Keep a bottle of bleach handy – “Daily bleaching might not be possible, given its harmful benefits to human life, but once a week, bleaching with proper precautions would keep those germs from harming you. Using anti-bacterial cleaning products in the kitchen, bathroom and floor can be done on a daily basis as well,” says Uma Lanka, associate vice president, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited.
  2. Store shoes in a separate place – This might not be possible for those who do not have the luxury of space, but keeping the shoe rack outside the house in a dry place prevent the germs from growing and harming you and your loved ones. “Our shoes, especially, pick up all the germs that come with the monsoons, and it would be a good idea to keep those germs outside. At the end of the day, use disinfectants to clean the shoe rack, and simple soap-water solution for the shoes, to prevent germ build-up,” Uma says.
  3. Pets should be clean at all times – If you own a dog, the chances of staying in during the monsoons are slim. Unfortunately, pets are an easy target for germs to spread and you cannot afford to keep them in forever. Hence, ensure your pets have a bath on a daily basis. If your pet falls sick, there’s a high chance you’re next.
  4. Wash wet clothes separately – “Getting drenched during monsoon is a common occurrence, and moist clothes are a hotspot for germs. Put wet clothes to wash as soon as you come back home, and use a separate detergent for them. You could even use an anti-bacterial detergent of your choice,” Uma says.
  5. Use special appliances – You could try using anti-bacterial LED lights. Anti-bacterial lights emit light at a particular wavelength which could help kill germs and flies which are common in monsoon.
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