The year is about to end, and we are sure that many of you already have your resolutions ready for the New Year. If changing your lifestyle for a healthier one is on your agenda, you should turn your attention to your smartphone. Yes, your smartphone can be your fitness trainer, counsellor and dietician. Just download and install health apps for calorie measurement, weight loss and fitness goals. With these health apps, you will be well equipped to lose those extra kilos and be healthier than ever before. Health apps will also save you the cost of going to a gym. With so many different types of health apps available for smartphones, the focus on health and fitness has increased.  These health apps help you in eating better and adopting a healthier lifestyle. So, here is a list of top health apps available in India for the Android users. (ALSO READ The exact number of calories burned during different sex positions revealed!)Also Read - Puffed Rice Benefits: Here's Why You Must Include Puffed Rice/Murmure In Your Diet - Watch Video

1. Nike Running

Nike Running is one of the most popular health apps in the world. The simple interface informs you about your pace, routes and other details. It allows you to compete with other users on a leaderboard. You can also use its Coach feature to get trained for a marathon. The app has an in-run audio feedback and it will give you much-needed motivation to achieve your fitness goals. You can download Nike Running for free. Also Read - Onion And Garlic Peel Benefits: Throwing Away Garlic And Onion Skin? Here's Why You Should Not ! Watch Video

2. MyFitnessPal

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MyFitnessPal is among the best health apps in India. The app will assist you in maintaining fitness and lose weight. It will keep track of the food you consume and offer suggestions on what types of food you should eat. It will also give you tips on how much physical activity or exercise you must be doing to achieve your fitness goal. The app also has a feature called ‘calorie counter’, which will measure the number of calories consumed by the user. Free download is available for Android users. (ALSO READ Salman Khan, Aamir Khan & Parineeti Chopra: 9 most extreme celebrity body transformations of 2016)

3. 7 Minute Workout

With more than 3 million users, 7 Minute Workout is one of the most popular health apps available for Android. It helps you get that flat tummy, lose weight and strengthen the core with 12 different exercises. You can do these exercises at the comfort of your house with minimum equipment. 7 Minute Workout also offers support for Google Fit.  This free to download app is available for Android users.

4. Fooducate


Fooducate is for those who want to keep track of what they are eating and want to eat healthily. This app will not only count the calories you are consuming, it will also show you a detailed breakdown of the nutrition present in a packaged food. This app will also suggest you a healthier alternative if your food is not high on nutrition. It will also alert you if the food contains any allergen. The app is available for Android users.

5. Healthifyme

Healthifyme is especially for Indian users. It contains more a comprehensive database of more than 20,000 Indian foods. It also offers an on-demand fitness trainer, yoga instructor and dietician. With this app, you can set the goal weight and track your food and activity. The app is available for download free of cost. (ALSO SEE How to lose weight fast: 11 quick and easy ways to lose a lot of weight fast)

6. Fitbit

Fitbit will check your diet and count each step you take during your exercise session. You can use the app with a smart wristband or independently. With a smart wristband, Fitbit will give you detailed information about the number of calories burned. You can download this app to your android phone for free.

7. Zombies Run


Yes, running can be a fun activity with this app. With this interesting app, people run from zombies. The voice over in Zombie Run will tell you about the zombies lurking around and will offer the running statistics. Zombie Run gives you detailed information about your run. You can download this impressive app for free.

8. My Diet Coach Weight Loss

My Diet Coach Weight Loss app will help you to maintain a healthy, balanced diet. It is like your dietician and will keep you motivated to achieve your weight resolution and goals by taking photos at different periods of your weight loss journey. The app will also help you to keep a check on the food you consume. This app will also remind you about your exercise sessions. My Diet Coach Weight Loss is available for download free of cost. (ALSO SEE Top 5 wellness retreats in India)

9. Lifesum


This app is like your personal health coach. With several features like reminders, food analysis and calorie counting, Lifesum is the perfect app if you wish to have a healthier lifestyle. The app will help you improve your workout session, suggest better food alternative and achieve your health goals. You will receive reminders to drink enough water, information about better exercises, tips for those tough days and the summary of your progress. The app is available for download.

10. Runtastic

Runtastic is one of the best apps for activities like jogging, running, biking and walking. It can be your personal trainer for a marathon. It tracks how far you run and set a goal for you. It will help you to exceed the goal by offering you workout logs and planning your running routine. Runtastic includes a voice coach and other feature to help you run better and achieve your fitness goals.