You may have read and watched a lot of stuff that either encourages you to find your true love, or tells you how awesome it is to be single and enjoy life. However, did you know that being single is actually good for your health. That’s right! There are several health benefits that come with a single life. So, apart from all the philosophical advice that you get on relationships and reasons to be single, here are some medical reasons to consider that may incline you towards the single way of living.Also Read - Man Flies Solo From Mumbai to Dubai on 350-Seater Emirates Flight, Gets Star Treatment

Better sleep

Singe people are believed to sleep better than couples. Better sleep means better hearts and better BMI which in turn means better health. One may think that missing out on sex would be bad for health but you would be surprised to know that a good night’s sleep has more health benefits than sex. Also Read - 'Agar Aaj Channa Mereya Sunai De..': Zomato Has a Quirky Message to Woo Singles on Propose Day

Less stress

Single people tend to have less debt and less legal responsibilities as compared to those in relationships or in marriages. Lesser responsibilities may lead to lower stress levels and you do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that lower stress equates to better health Also Read - Armaan Malik, Amaal Malik Released The Teaser Of Ghar Se Nikalte Hi, Full Song To Be Out On April 4

More alone time

In today’s hectic world, it is imperative that people spend time with themselves. Whether they choose to meditate, work out or play a musical instrument, is upto them. But since single people get more alone time than couples, they can indulge in these activities that keep them refreshed and help them rejuvenate and help their mental health.

Better social contacts and life

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Common notion is that married people socialize more. However, several studies have shown that single people tend to have more social contacts and also reach out to them for work as well as emotional reasons. This kind of social behavior helps people in reducing stress and also prevents old-age diseases like dementia. Social life is more important for your health than you can imagine. Single people tend to socialize more and build wider social contacts as compared to married people.

Lower body fat

The king of all reasons to be single – being single helps you lose fat! Studies have shown that single people have lower weight and body fat compared to married people or those in relationships. How many times have you yourself seen people get fat after they get married? The probable reason here is that single people tend to work hard to attract a new partner and therefore, are slimmer.

So, in case you do not buy the psychological reasons for being single, these health-related reasons should give you a fair idea why being single may be good for your health.