Nutritionists across the world agree that the best beverage to have with your food, to quench your thirst, to hydrate yourself and to keep yourself healthy is simple, plain water. But at times, especially in summers, you are tempted to opt for other beverages when you are thirsty. That is when we drink up carbonated beverages and packaged juices. But while doing so, we expose our body to loads of sugar, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, colours and other additives that could massively damage our health.  One of the most naturally cooling, nutritious, easily available, tasty and relatively cheap things you can have in summer is coconut water. Water in tender green coconuts is not just refreshing it can help you in a number of ways. Coconut water has 94 per cent water, plenty of potassium, chloride, magnesium, electrolytes, fibre, riboflavin, vitamin C, a little sugar, sodium and protein. So instead of sipping diet sodas and packaged juices this summer, you must try having coconut water. Also Read - Viral Video: Villagers Use a Donkey in This Epic Jugaad to Beat The Heat, Video Will Leave You Amused | Watch

Kidney stones: One of the major problems in summer is dehydration which can lead to kidney stones. Coconut water with its high content of potassium and magnesium can help flush out kidney stones because of its diuretic properties. Regular consumption of coconut water can help kidney detoxification and prevent kidney stones. Also Read - Delhi Man Gets 'Angry with God' Over Rising Temperature, Defiles 3 Hanuman Idols

Morning sickness: Coconut water can help relieve morning sickness and nausea. It is one of the safest beverages you can have. Consult with your doctor for further guidance on how it can help you. Also Read - Weather News Today: Hot Summer Ahead as Temperatures to Rise From March Across India

Mouth ulcers: One of the most common concerns in summer is mouth ulcers. The cooling nature of this drink coupled with its high nutrition content can help soothe treat mouth ulcers.

Acidity: Are you used to popping antacids for acidity and heartburn? Try sipping some coconut water next time. Coconut water can help your stomach beat excess acid formation and bring up alkaline levels in your body. Have it regularly in the morning if you suffer from frequent bouts of acidity.