Almost every household in India will have a special mukhwaas dabba which is filled with saunf/ fennel seeds or other types of Indian mouth fresheners. Saunf is often roasted to make it crunchy, coated with sugar or had as it is. These are offered to everyone after finishing meals. But have you ever wondered why? The first thought that may come to your mind is that saunf and other ingredients act as mouth fresheners that could help mask bad breath and odour from the mouth after a meal. But that’s just one health benefit. Here are some reasons why you need to eat fennel seeds after every meal.Also Read - Weight Loss Hacks: Try These Natural Remedies to Lose Weight Sustainably

Promotes weight loss: Saunf has the ability to boost metabolism and make your digestion better. This helps in promoting weight loss. Saunf has also been found to improve insulin sensitivity. This is why it is regarded as extremely beneficial for those with Type 2 diabetes and also for those who are at a higher risk of developing diabetes. Fennel seeds can be very useful in controlling blood sugar levels. Also Read - 3 Easy Steps to Lose Weight Fast, Backed by Evidence

Helps improve digestion: Fennel seeds have many aromatic compounds in them that not only give your mouth a pleasant and fresh feel and smell, but it also increases the amount of saliva secreted in your mouth. This not only helps clean your teeth, but it also helps get rid of toxins and improves digestion. Also Read - Weight Loss Tips: 5 Homemade Drinks That Will Help in Reducing Fat

Helps control blood pressure: Fennel seeds have been found to have incredible health benefits when it comes to heart-related functions. Saunf has the ability to control and bring down high blood pressure. It also contains potassium which is known to have many heart-friendly properties.

Helps prevent constipation: Fennel seeds have plenty of soluble dietary fibre. This helps in improving digestion and adding bulk to the stool. But you must ensure that you don’t overindulge in fennel seeds. Overeating this could actually worsen your constipation problems.

Helps beat bloating: Fennel seeds are diuretic in nature and can hence help you deal with water retention thus relieving bloating. It could also help expel excess gas from your body which causes uneasiness.