Ginger, the miracle spice, is believed to have originated in India. It was a precious commodity due to the spice trade. The spice was exported to Europe in the first century AD. It was used by the Indians and Chinese for making tonics for more than 4700 years. Fragrant and hot, ginger is still one of the most used spices in India. Rich in bioactive compounds and nutrients, ginger has several health benefits. Here is a list of some of the amazing health benefits of ginger.(ALSO READ Health benefits of papaya: 10 amazing health benefits of eating papaya).Also Read - Weight Loss Tips: 5 Spices That Can Help You Shed Those Extra Kilos Instantly

1. Effective against nausea, morning sickness or vomiting during pregnancy

Ginger is effective against morning sickness, nausea or vomiting related to pregnancy. It may also relieve vomiting in cancer patients and after surgeries. It is helpful if you experience sea sickness. You can consume 1 to 1.5 grams of ginger to prevent nausea. Also Read - Are You Coping With Smell Disorder Even After Covid Recovery? You May Have PAROSMIA, Here's All You Need To Know

2. Lowers the risk of heart disease and stroke

Ginger is one of the best home remedies to prevent heart disease and stroke. Ginger, onion, garlic are superfoods and they contain an anti-blood clotting properties. These herbs keep your heart healthy and protect it from stroke and heart attack. (ALSO READ Health benefits of coconut oil: These are 7 amazing health benefits of coconut oil). Also Read - Revised Covid-19 Guidelines By Health Ministry Recommends No Masks For Children Below 5 Years, All Details Inside; Watch Video

3. Reduces soreness and muscle pain

Ginger tea

Ginger tea

Ginger is effective against muscle pain and soreness induced by exercise. It may not give you instant relief from the pain but will decrease the progression of the pain in the muscles.

4. Soothes digestive system

Ginger aids digestion and keeps your digestive system healthy. The spice has been used traditionally to treat stomach pain and discomfort. It contains a compound called carminative, which soothes the digestive tract and eliminates excessive gas from the system. (ALSO READ Health benefits of cucumber: 10 reasons to eat more cucumbers this summer).

5. Anti-Inflammatory Effects

Ginger contains gingerols, which has anti-inflammatory properties. Regular consumption will reduce the pain in patients suffering from osteoporosis. It will also improve their mobility.  According to a study conducted on 247 patients with osteoporosis, fewer pain medicines were required in patients who consumed ginger extract. They also had less pain.

6. Improves immune system

Ginger improves the immune system as it cleans the lymphatic system. It breaks down the toxin accumulated in the organs and keeps the body warm. Apart from boosting the immune system of your body, ginger also improves breathing.(ALSO READ Health benefits of water: This is why you should drink more water).

7. Fights fungal and bacterial infection



The gingerol present in ginger can decrease the risk of fungal and bacterial infection. Ginger has the ability to kill bacteria like Streptococcus pyogenes and Staphylococcus aureus. Ginger is effective in curbing the growth of several types of bacteria. The spice also has anti-fungal properties.

8. Reduces menstrual pain

Ginger can be used to relieve menstrual pain and discomfort. The spice is as effective as drugs like ibuprofen and mefenamic. All you need to do is consume one gram of ginger once a day during the first three days of your period. This will reduce the pain during menstrual bleeding.(ALSO READ: Home remedies for hair loss: 6 effective tips to stop hair fall and boost hair growth).

9. Helps prevent diabetes

The bioactive compound gingerols enhance insulin sensitivity and helps prevent diabetes. It can protect you against diabetes and complications related to diabetes. It also improves the complications associated with diabetes.

10. Cures stomach ulcer

Ginger is effective against stomach ulcers. Ginger will keep your digestion proper and your stomach healthy. The spice is said to be more effective than the drugs used to treat ulcers.

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