Liquorice or mulethi is one of the most flavourful ingredients you can use in your food. It’s aromatic, the sweet taste is unique and lends the food an interesting flavour. But it is not just the taste that’s enticing about this root, there is also the numerous health benefits you must avail of. Liquorice can be had in a variety of forms: as a tea, as a mouth freshener, in your dessert etc. Even Ayurveda terms it as a healing ingredient for a variety of illnesses. Let’s take a look at some of the health benefits of liquorice:

Brain function: Considered to be one of the foods for your brain, liquorice is amazing for improving your memory and keeping your brain in good shape. This is why several studies suggest that it is good for keeping cognition-related illnesses like Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia and even amnesia away.

Stomach-related problems: According to Ayurveda, liquorice has strong properties that aid proper digestion in the body. Liquorice is good for keeping constipation, acidity, bloating and flatulence away.

Lowers cholesterol: Liquorice has compounds in it which help lower bad cholesterol and thus exhibits heart-friendly properties. Some studies have shown that it can help the heart pump blood with more efficiency because of its anti-inflammatory actions and hence keep heart diseases away.

Protect the liver: Its antioxidant properties are particularly useful in treating jaundice and other liver-related problems. It is excellent for flushing out toxins from the body and helping the liver function at its optimum best. This is why a number of Ayurvedic medicines for liver-related problems contain liquorice in them.

Immunity-building: Liquorice is famed for its immunity-building properties. This is why it is recommended for those who keep falling sick because of viral or bacterial infections. It works on our body’s defence mechanism in a way to make it capable of keeping diseases away.