Mustard oil holds a special place in a Bengali kitchen. It imparts a distinct taste to dishes and makes it more aromatic and delicious. Rich in antioxidants and vitamin E, Mustard oil is pungent oil extracted from mustard seeds. It was considered harmful for human consumption in many countries including Canada and the US due to the presence of erucic acid, which had a negative effect on rats. It was later proved that rats do not properly digest vegetable oil. Now, it is popular for its taste and is used in many dishes. The oil is packed with unsaturated and non-saturated fats and is good for your heart. Here are some more reasons to include in your diet.Also Read - Wondering About the Benefits of Cashew Nuts? We Have You Covered

1. It has anti-microbial properties

Mustard oil protects against infections thanks to its antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties. You can consume it or apply it on the affected area to fight the infection. Also Read - Is Mustard Oil Good For Your Heart Health? Here’s What Top Indian Experts Suggest

2. It improves digestion

Mustard oil stimulates your digestive system to produce more digestive juices and improves digestion. It also stimulates the release of bile and improves the food movement through the digestive system. You can also use mustard oil to massage your body. This will improve the blood circulation and lower your body temperature. Also Read - Delhi-Based Nutritionist Says, Mustard Oil is The Trusted Immunity Builder

3. It treats brittle nail and cracked heels

Mustard oil is an excellent home remedy for brittle nails. All you have to do is apply some mustard oil on your nails and massage lightly. The oil is absorbed easily by the skin. Your nail will become stronger with regular use. You can also treat cracked heels with mustard oil. You will have to make a paste using equal parts of mustard oil and paraffin wax. Apply this paste on the crack and sleep with a sock. DO this for a week and you will definitely see an improvement.

4. It is good for your heart

Mustard oil is rich in omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acid along with polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. It helps in lowering the level of bad cholesterol and increase the level of good cholesterol in your body.

5. It treats cold and cough

You can use mustard oil to treat common cold and cough. It will help clear the congestion in your chest. Take a teaspoon of mustard oil and rub it on your chest or take mustard oil steam before you hit the bed to get relief from cough and cold.

Mustard oil also has several beauty benefits. So, in order to make the most of this amazing oil which is a blessing for your body, try to use it in your food more often.