There are many vegetables and other food items that kids are averse to. But, as parents, you know that it is absolutely necessary for them to eat these highly nutritious foods for their proper physical and mental growth. From threats to pleading, many parents try a variety of methods to try and get their children to eat everything. One trick you could try to make your kids eat and love healthy food is by communicating about the benefits of eating healthy food to your kids. If you think this won’t work, look at the study published in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behaviour. The study says that if parents talk about eating healthy food to kids, they are more likely to eat the food. What exactly do you tell them if you want them to eat healthy? The study gives examples of that too: urge them by saying things like ‘eat your lentils if you want to grow bigger and run faster.’ This works in two ways: it accurately tells them what they will achieve by eating healthy and, it also gives your children realistic goals that they will be keen to achieve. The idea essentially is to develop positive reinforcement of nutritious food giving your strength to grow taller, jump higher and become stronger.

Apart from communicating about the numerous benefits of eating healthy food, what you could also try doing is to incorporate certain healthy foods into their meals so that they develop the taste for those foods.

Always set an example. It really doesn’t make sense when you dig into a bag of chips and expect your kid to eat an apple for snack time! Eat healthy so your child can eat healthy.

Your kids will eat healthy only when they find it easily at home. Keep healthy snacks within their reach. Keep fruits or vegetables or nuts where they can reach.