Many who want to gain weight and bulk up tend to resort to supplements and steroids without proper knowledge and consultation about the same. A number of teenagers, especially, have an unhealthy obsession with bulking up which leads them to improper dieting habits and extensive exercises which could lead to disorders. According to Dr Jason Nagata, the University of California, San Francisco,  such behaviours can lead to problems like muscle dysmorphia, and in some serious cases could also lead to heart failure, social withdrawal and even depression. The risks of physical exhaustion also cannot be ruled out. This is why it is important to consult with a certified dietician or a doctor about the correct diet plan and exercise regimen for you. There are certain foods that are good for those who are trying to gain weight. Just because you want to bulk up, it doesn’t mean that you can eat just about anything. Just like weight loss, weight gain also requires careful planning, knowledge and strategy. Here are some foods that are popularly recommended for healthy weight gain.

Eggs: One of the best ways to bulk up naturally is to eat eggs. Eggs are full of protein and can help you build muscles. They also have other essential vital nutrients that are good for overall health. It is best to have eggs that are hard boiled. Make sure that you are not eating an excessive amount.

Bananas: Bananas are high in calories and are hence good for refuelling yourself after a workout. They make for great weight gain foods too.

Chicken: Lean protein sources like chicken are excellent sources of protein and very popular among those who want to bulk up. Did you know that about 100 gms of chicken contains 25 gms of protein? Stick to chicken that’s roasted or boiled with slight seasoning for taste.