“Whatever happens, happens for the best.” This is a popular saying which is actually true, believe it or not. Eventually you will realize this in life. Getting depressed over someone leaving you won’t do any good. You should not let anyone’s presence or absence throw you in a pit of despair.Also Read - Reasons Why You Should Not Disclose Your Relationship Status on Social Media?

We understand that getting over a breakup is not easy and the memories you made during that relationship can haunt you for years. But, this is the time when you need to choose a path for yourself. Would you like to spend weeks and months, over-analyzing the situation and crying over the absence of a person who don’t love you anymore or would you prefer to learn the lessons from your mistakes, gather your strength, and move ahead for the better? It’s totally your call. Also Read - Signs That Show Your Are in a One-Sided Relationship And Need to Come Out of it

According to relationship experts, you start feeling better when you actually wish to. It’s all in your head. You need to realize this and stop hurting yourself. If you have recently have been through a heartbreak and struggling to get over it, you have reached the right place. Here are certain scientifically-proven ways to get relief from your pain and move ahead in life. Also Read - Couples Love And Support For Each Other Can Help Them Manage Their Relationship During Financially Stressful Times

Be vocal 

Keeping things to yourself may be good at times but not for long term. Bottling up emotions can make you depressed. It is important to express yourself. Whether it is love, anger, hatred or sadness, you must get rid of your emotions by talking it out. Confide in your best confidante or a family member. Talk about your feelings. This will gradually make you feel calm, light, and better.

Give a closure to your relationship

A sudden breakup without an actual closure can give you false hope of your relationship coming back to normal. This can only affect your mental health. So, talk to your ex-lover and try to give a closure to your relationship.

Stop spying

It is common to spy in your lover’s life through social media after a breakup. We understand that you fail to resist the temptation to know what’s going on in your ex-lover’s life, but that’s not going to help in any way. It will only cause more pain. So, it is better to focus on your life instead of keeping an update about your ex.