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Heavy Drinking May Affect Men More Than Women: Top 6 Effects of Alcohol on Your Body

Recent study suggests that binge drinking effects men more than women. Read on to know what happens to your body when you drink too much.

Published: September 5, 2017 2:28 PM IST

By Priya Prakashan | Edited by Priya Prakashan

Alcohol Effect
शराब का दिमाग पर असर

A recent study has suggested that drinking alcohol regularly may put men at a higher risk of health ailments when compared to women. Yes, while most of us think that women who drink regularly are more susceptible to health risks, turns out men are at higher risk in the long run. Though drinking alcohol regularly takes a toll on every drinker’s body, but the research presented at the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology suggests that long-term alcohol use can change brain functions and these changes are significantly different in men and women.

The team of researchers worked with a small group of young men and women between the age of 23 and 28 who had a heavy 10-year alcohol use. During the observation it was noticed that the brain activity was measured using electroencephalogram with males showing a greater increase in electrical activity in the brain in response. We share with you some of the most common effects of alcohol on your body:

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Digestive system

Drinking too much alcohol can put your digestive system at risk and cause abnormal activation of digestive enzymes produced by the pancreas. This abnormal activation of enzymes can lead to inflammation known as pancreatitis, which can lead to serious complications. Pancreatitis can become a long-term condition and cause serious complications. It can lead to gassiness, bloating, diarrhea or painful stools.

Inflammatory damage

We all know that heavy drinking effects the liver, long-term alcohol use increases your risk for chronic liver inflammation and liver disease known as cirrhosis. Over a period of time when the liver becomes increasingly damaged, removing toxic substances from your body becomes difficult which leads to a lot of other problems.

Sugar levels

The pancreas helps regulate your body’s insulin use and response to glucose, so when you indulge in heavy drinking, your pancreas and liver does not functioning properly. This leads to the risk of low blood sugar and if your body cannot manage and balance your blood sugar levels, you may side effects related to diabetes.

Central nervous system

One of the most prominent effects of alcohol can be seen in your central nervous system, which results in slurred speech. It is one of the first signs when you drink too much of alcohol. This happens because the alcohol consumed reduces the communication between your brain and your body, which makes the coordination more difficult and you have a hard time balancing your body.

Circulatory system

Excessive drinking of alcohol can affect your heart and lungs. Chronic drinkers of alcohol have a higher risk of heart-related issues and other circulatory system complications such as high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat and heart attack.

Sexual and reproductive health

Men who drink too much are more likely to experience erectile dysfunction and it can also lower your libido. Women who drink too much put themselves at a greater risk of infertility. And those who drink during their pregnancy put their unborn child at risk and also the pregnant women will have a higher risk of premature delivery, miscarriage, or stillbirth.

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