Parenting is not an easy task. The birth of a child not only brings happiness but also tons of responsibilities. And the responsibilities grow and intensify especially when you are a single parent. Whether you are a single parent by choice or not, there is nothing bad about being one. Infact it is awesome and there are so many reasons why. If you are a single mom and people around are pressurizing you to find a partner who can also be a father to your child, tell them you are doing just fine. And give them these 5 awesome reasons about being a single mom.

You will become an expert at multitasking

Single parenting is not as easy as you think it is- isn’t this a very common thought? Well, the fact is, it isn’t that hard either. There will be challenges but with so many things to take care of, you will soon learn to multi task. Every difficult situation in life will teach you a new thing and single parenting teaches you to multitask.

mothers multitasking 2

You will emerge stronger than you thought you are

Initially the thought of raising a child all by yourself will bother you. The expenses, the responsibilities and all the efforts are some of your major concerns. But trust us when we say this, you will realize that you are much stronger than you ever thought you are.

Your bond with your child will get better

Since it is just you and your child, your bond with your child will get better and deeper. Without another adult, around, you will get to understand your kid lot more because you are the only he/she will come or for help or advice.

son and mother

You will also get to spend some quality time with your son

Getting to spend as much time possible with your kid is always a moment to cherish. So even if you get busy at work or have some meeting to attend, you will still find time for your kid. You can go out for trips, watch movies or just go for dinners and lunches. All these make for good memories.

You will meet other single parents and it is fun

When you are traveling with your kid alone, you will also find and get to meet other people who are single parents as well. You can make new friends with such people. Sharing and exchanging thoughts about parenting will also let you learn a lot of new things.

mothers multi tasking

You will have time for yourself

Every time your kid is sleeping or at school, you will have some much-needed time for yourself. You will not be caught up in doing household work or anything else, because when you are on your own, you get to do things the way you want.

Aren’t these reasons enough for you to be convinced now? Being a single parent is an awesome feeling. Once you overcome the initial few glitches, you will see that this journey is beautiful.