Pimples or acne is every girl’s nightmare. One day everything about your skin feels and looks great and the next morning when you wake up there is a bump giving you a minor heart attack. You have to rush to office and head to a party post-work and the only thing that is bothering you is that pimple on your face that you really wished just disappeared. The first instinct when your mind is running through such emotions is to pop that ugly-looking, annoying pimple. Every time any of us spot a pimple on our face, we get this instant urge to just break it, because that is quicker, right? But do you know you are doing the worst possible thing to your skin by bursting pimples? Well, here are 5 reasons why popping a pimple on your face is the worst thing ever. Also Read - World Renowned Dermatologist Suggests Skincare Tips to Get Rid of Dark Circles And Baggy Eyes

The pimple will only get worse

Popping a pimple only makes it worse because once you break a pimple; you are letting bacteria and all the dirt and oil to go deep inside your skin. Touching a pimple with hands also means you are transferring the germs of your hands to your face, which is worse. Isn’t it? Also Read - Expert Speaks on Skincare Tips to Get Rid of Skin Pigmentation or Dark Patches

There are chances of your skin getting worse

You are ruining your skin by popping every pimple on your face. It will tear your skin because you are forcing your skin to do something that should ideally be left to heal on its own. Also Read - Suffering From Breakouts Under Your Mask? You May Have A Case Of 'Maskne'


You might end up having scars

You know what’s the scariest part about breaking pimples? In a bid to keep your face clear of any bumps you will give your face scars. Scars are worse than pimples. You will have to get laser treatment to get that scar removed. Isn’t that a waste of money? So avoid popping pimples.

It might lead to infection

Whether you pop those pimples with bare hands or using any equipment, there are chances of external bacteria getting into your skin and your pimple too. Since your skin around the pimple tears, you are letting more dirt get into it which can lead to an infection. And trust us when we say, infections are not easy to deal with. So save yourself some pain and money.


You will find more pimples once you pop one

Have you ever noticed that most of your pimples often occur in the same spot? Isn’t it proof enough that popping pimples will lead to more pimples? This is because pimples will usually have puss coming out of them and some of it stays back on the skin itself. After a while, that spot might look darker than the rest of your face.

We are sure all these reasons are scary enough for you to stop your pimple popping habit. It ruins your skin and with time your face will have marks and discoloration. So what should you do about these pimples? Just let them be!