It’s a harrowing time for many, and following the rules has not been very easy for most but right now containing the spread of the coronavirus is of the utmost importance. While social distancing has been the call of the hour, there are still some who do not seem to understand its meaning and are going about their daily lives like there is nothing going on. Also Read - Coronavirus: National Task Force for COVID-19 Recommends Hydroxychloroquine in High-Risk Cases

In order to contain the spread of the virus and protect oneself or family members from it, people have to follow just a few simple rules and some of the suggestions are as follows: Also Read - Coronavirus Lockdown Mumbai, Maharashtra: All You Need to Know About Maharashtra Lockdown Over Coronavirus

1. When Entering Your Home:

Since the coronavirus can remain viable in the air for up to 3 hours or more, making sure you do not carry it inside your homes is very important. So when you enter your houses, try not to touch anything, remove your shoes at the doorway and nowhere close to your sleeping and eating quarters. Remove your clothes and keep them separately to wash, and do the same with any items that you have carried outside. Keep a box at the entry of your homes and drop the items in it. Clean with a disinfectant the surfaces of the items that you have brought into the house, along with your glasses or mobile phones. Wash your hands thoroughly and do take a shower if you have been outside. It is not easy to disinfect everything, but the goal here is to ‘minimise the risk’ of infection. Also Read - COVID-19 Scare: Strictly Enforce Lockdown, Take Legal Action Against Violators: Centre Tells States

2. When Leaving Your Home:

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In the first place, do not leave your homes unless you have to, but if you must, then do take precaution. Wear long sleeves and cover your head as well as your mouth and nose. If you have a mask, put it on before you leave the house, and avoid using public transport. Since you have no idea who is infected and who isn’t, carry tissues with you and use them when touching any surfaces and also when you sneeze or cough. Remember not to cough or sneeze into your hands or the air and to use the crook of your elbow or tissues for it, and to carry a small pouch in which you can dispose the tissue. Avoid using cash as much as possible, and if it’s not avoidable, disinfect your hands by thoroughly washing them or by using sanitiser after touching it or any other object. Remember not to touch your face until you have clean hands, and more importantly, Practice Social Distancing.

3. Living With Someone at Risk of Infection:

First thing when dealing with someone, family member or loved one, is to remember not to panic. If the person is at risk, isolate the person by sleeping in separate beds and using different bathrooms. If the latter is not possible, use bleach to thoroughly clean the bathroom. Do not share towels, cutlery, etc., and keep them separately. Use a disinfectant daily on all the surfaces and areas around the house and wash clothes, bed linen and towels frequently. To minimise the risk of the virus spreading to other members of the house, maintain a distance from the infected person. Air out the bedrooms frequently, and call health services if you have fever and difficulty in breathing. It would be better for everyone if they do not break the 14 day quarantine.

All of the above might seem a bit drastic and a bit much to follow, but in the end, prevention is better than cure.