With over 2000 COVID-19 positive cases and 53 deaths in India, the need to control the the spread of coronavirus has become extremely significant. To restrain that, the Indian Council of Medical Research has recently released a notification in which it has provided a list of all the COVID-19 test centers in India.Also Read - Diwali Trends on Twitter as Netizens Share Memes After Modi's 'Diya Jalao to Fight Coronavirus' Request

To fight against this worldwide health emergency, it is important for every individual to be aware about the test centers present in their area so that they can be tested in case of any suspected coronavirus symptoms. The number of coronavirus cases in India continue to surge, increasing the burden on the health sector. Still, medical professionals are trying their best to save lives of affected patients. So, if you experience any symptom of COVID-19 including dry cough, fever, sore throat, or/and shortness of breath, you need to immediately head towards the nearest test center to your house. Also Read - Can You Catch Coronavirus From Fruits And Vegetables? Know The Truth

Here is a detailed list of COVID-19 test centers in India released by the Council of Medical Research: Also Read - Coronavirus Outbreak: Google Urges People to Stay Safe, Save Lives With Doodle