Do you have various dark spots on your legs? Do they resemble small bumps? If yes, you probably have strawberry legs. The bumps are basically hair follicles or enlarged pores containing bacteria, oil, and dead skin. Certain factors like shaving, clogged pores, folliculitis etc. cause strawberry legs. In case you are experiencing irritation, itching, inflammation, or scabbing, you may be suffering from a condition that only resembles strawberry legs. Therefore you must consult a doctor in this case. Also Read - Benefits of Olive Oil: Skin Care, Hair Care, Breast Cancer And More Reasons to Use it in Daily Diet

Strawberry legs can be effectively treated with simple home remedies. Here, we tell you about them. Also Read - Healthy Morning Skin Care Routine You Need to Follow

Shave carefully and apply lotion

Some people directly apply razor on dry skin. This is not the right way. It should only be used on wet skin. Shaving cream also plays an important role here. Skipping its use can lead to symptoms of strawberry legs. So, you must moisturise your skin before and after the use of a razor. Also Read - Skin care regime for new mothers

Do not forget to exfoliate your skin

Exfoliating skin is essential in order to reduce strawberry legs. You can do that by gently applying scrub on your legs and rubbing it. You can also use a brush to do the same. Exfoliating skin on a daily basis can also prevent ingrown hair and give chance to new hair to break through the skin surface. You can make your own scrub too. To do that, you basically need to mix half cups of brown sugar, clove oil, and olive oil each. Apply the mixture on your legs and gently rub for a minute. Rinse with cold water post that.

Go for buttermilk bath

Containing lactic acid, buttermilk can help in removing dead skin cells that lead to strawberry legs. All you need to do is to mix a cup of buttermilk in a bucket of water. You need to soak your legs in the buttermilk water for a few minutes and then you can wash them off. This can make your skin smoother.