Confidence speaks a lot about your personality. And there are various ways to exude confidence including donning a stunning outfit. Yes, apart from having a positive attitude, wealth, and success, your attire can be the secret to your confidence. How you dress makes a lot of difference in the way you speak and the way you feel about yourself. It is not necessary to wear what’s trending to ooze confidence, you can opt for something old-fashioned and still stand out. Here are some tips to slay in your outfit and look stunning. Also Read - Style Tips to Wear a Jumpsuit And Slay Like a True Fashionista

Showcase your best feature

You must be aware of your best body feature. You need to accentuate that area with your outfit. You don’t need to be perfect to look confident or slay in an outfit. Just a bit of fashion and style sense is required. Flaunt your best feature to look flattering. In case you have tall and sexy legs, wear shorts or a skirt with a thigh-high slit. You can also don something fully covered but tight-fitted to display the stunning shape of your legs. In case your abs are too perfect, flaunt it without hesitating. Whatever is best in you, play with that for your advantage. Also Read - Fashion Tips: Perfect Date Outfits That Can Make Heads Turn

Know what suits your skin complexion and body type

Everything doesn’t suit everyone. Going after fashion and what’s trending won’t help you achieve the perfect look. Instead, figure out what suits your body type and colour. Those with slim body can go for body-tight tops and skinny jeans. They can also wear midi skirt with a high-neck slim-fitted top. However, those with heavy body type must take care of their bulges. Wear something loose and less revealing. Look for fabrics that can hide your flaws. Opt for silhouettes that can flatter. Do not go for too tight ensembles. People with dark skin colour should be selective of colours they pick. Do not opt for a neon or too bright colours. Also Read - List of Top Trending Accessories That You Should Have in Your Closet if You Are a Fashionista

Pick Pleasing Prints

Prints are not easy to pull off. That’s why most of the people feel uncomfortable wearing them. But, you can use prints for your advantage and look ethereal. Whenever you are donning prints, ensure it is not wearing you. If your height is short, do not go for bigger prints or patterns. Women with good height can go for larger prints but should avoid horizontal lines. Vertical patterns give a slimming effect.