Hair is one of the most important parts of our personality. If styled nicely, it can enhance our overall look. Do you have super straight hair and you wish to bring some volume to it? Try curls. Curly hair can instantly change your appearance for good and you will suddenly start feeling confident. Adding extra edge to the hair, curls make a style statement. Curly hair suits every outfit and occasion. But your hair pays a huge price for it.Also Read - Disha Patani’s New Hair Look in Lockdown is on Point, Stuns Fans With Hot Pics

Hair curlers help you get the super cute and fluffy curls that make you look pretty. But in the process, they damage your hair. The heat required to turn and twist the hair strands can make your hair weak and more likely to fall. It you are using hair curlers once in while, it is okay but their frequent use can be debilitating for your hair. If you wish to avoid this damage and curl your hair without styling tools, here is what you need to do. Also Read - Karan Johar Flaunts His Salt-Pepper Hair Look, Says 'I am Available For Father's Role'

How to Curl Your Hair without Using Heating Tools?

You need to make a bit of effort and have patience to get the beautiful curly hair. Here are the methods you need to follow. Also Read - Kareena Kapoor Khan Shares Picture of Saif Ali Khan Giving Haircut to Taimur Ali Khan And it is The Best Thing on The Internet Today!


Firstly, wash your hair and let it dry partially. You can also make your hair wet by using a hair spray instead by washing. Now, start making tight braids. If you wish to get softer curl, you need to make two braids. In case of kinky curls, you should make multiple thin braids. Leave it overnight and the next day, you can find your beautiful curly hair ready.

Twist And Roll

To get a curly hair look, firstly you need to wet your hair. Then, comb them using a wide toothed comb. Now, take a few strands of hair and twist them in single direction. Once they have taken shape of a bun, tie it with bobby pins. Repeat the same with remaining hair and leave them tied in buns overnight. In the morning, you will get the stunning curly hair and can flaunt it.

Use Your Socks

Yes, you you wish to have bouncy have bouncy hair, socks can help get that look. You just need to damp your hair using a spray and make multiple hair partition. After that, make braids by using your socks to interweave your hair. Repeat this with remaining hair and leave the braids overnight. In the morning, you will find your gorgeous curls ready.