Sexual inhibition can be described for both males and females as the discomfort or the inability to experiment sexually either by themselves or with their partners. Males and females experience sexual inhibition differently. Often, females are sexually inhibited due to body image, self-esteem issues or even family and religious beliefs that are taught to them since they were very young. Also Read - Pakistan Passes Resolution to Publicly Hang Child Sexual Abusers

Whereas males experience sexual inhibition either due to performance anxiety, having difficulty in prior sexual encounters with either achieving orgasm or been unable to maintain an erection, and family or religious beliefs. Also Read - Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder: The Culprit Behind Constant Low Libido

According to a research published in the American Journal of Sexuality Education, the majority of the people involved in the study heard negative things about sex while they were growing up. Sexual inhibitions stem from there. When you recurrently get to hear things like ‘masturbation is a bad thing’, ‘sex before marriage is shameful’, and ‘sex during menstruation is dirty’, your mind starts believing these things and you start keeping yourself away from being intimate with your partner. But, this is not a good thing. You must assert your sexuality and experience the pleasure you deserve. Here is how you can do that. Also Read - Ganesh Acharya Accused of Sexual Harassment by Senior Background Dancer From The '90s

Talk about sex

Being vocal about your sexuality and discussing sex build up a positive attitude towards sex. Discussing sex openly with your friends can help you come out of your inhibitions and act out freely.

Love your body

You should be happy with what you have. Being positive about your body can bring down the inhibitions and will help you be confident in the bed. This will also change your partner’s perspective about you in a positive way.

Do not believe gender stereotypes

You must question traditional beliefs about feminity. Respect yourself and give your body the chance to experience the much pleasurable thing.