Every person is different and their levels of creativity is also dissimilar. Some are quite efficient while others take time to complete a task but do it perfectly. So, being a team leader, your work is to smartly use your resources and get your work done. For that, you may have to adopt certain strategic moves and they should be enabling in nature instead of disabling. A leader’s work is to motivate his teammates and provide a positive environment so that they can come up with unique and profitable ideas that can take your business to the next level. Here, we tell you how you can inspire your employees to do better during the current tough time. Also Read - Tactful Ways to Deal With Jealous And Toxic Colleagues Without Losing Your Cool

Brig Flexibility in Work Schedule

Allowing flexible working hours leads to better productivity. It also gives job satisfaction to the employees and helps them grow. Restricting your employees’ work and making the 9-5 job mandatory can hamper their creativity. So, do not bother about your employees’ punctuality. Instead, focus on their output at the end of the day Also Read - Man Accidentally Masturbates In Front of His Colleagues During a Zoom Call, Video Goes Viral

Taking Breaks Should be Encouraged

Breaks are important for better output. Nobody can work efficiently for 9 hours without taking a break. Also, encouraging taking breaks can improve your employees’ creative thinking. Do not let them feel restricted and motivate them to work thoughtfully with a relaxed mind.

Make Yourself Available to Listen to New Ideas

As a leader, you must be open to listen to every new idea whether it is good or bad. You must make your employees feel comfortable enough to give you their honest feedback and share creative ideas. This will help you create a positive atmosphere at work.